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How To Start Thinking Like Wildly Successful People

How To Start Thinking Like Wildly Successful People

Wildly successful people have the ability to see and feel the rewards of all their hard work long before they actually achieve their goals. They experience, in advance, the feelings they will live once they achieve their goals in real time every day.

This drives them. It provides all the energy, focus, motivation, inspiration, and determination they need to keep grinding day after day after day as they push towards accomplishing their goals. They know no other way. They are ruthlessly determined to win because of this ability. 

If you struggle with the motivation, focus or creativity to be where you want to be, the above skill is what you are missing. It’s your key to success and to implement it, you only need to remember these three letters: H.U.D. I’ll explain more in a minute.

Motivation is a flickering flame. Few of us burn with the constant, intense motivation we need to achieve our lofty goals. We want to be rich and successful but we lack the drive and determination required. We are motivated to win just not motivated to do the things required to win. When we lack drive we also lack the ability to create the opportunities that  lead to our goals.

You can overcome this.

You can live and think the way mega successful people around the world live and think. You can become like them. You can finally cross the chasm from where you are now to the world they live in and you can do it faster than you think.

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How To Start Thinking Like Wildly Successful People

First, successful people maintain a clear and specific vision of the tangible rewards they will enjoy once they achieve their goals. The car, the house, the partner, the job. They see these things in front of them every single day. These rewards NEVER leave their mind’s sight. The mind is an incredible tool that can visualize just about anything with a little practice.

Second, they sense the emotions they will experience once they achieve their goal. They bottle up all of the happiness, joy, pride and sense of achievement and they drink from that bottle every day. They live the dream before it even materializes. They experience the emotions of having it before they can actually touch it. Powerful stuff.

How do they do it?

It’s far easier than you can imagine. All you need is an open mind.

I promise you this is not some cosmic ooze. I will stay away of “The Power of Positive Thinking” or anything that asks you to rely on the universe to provide some sort of magic that will finally get you to where you want to be. That's for people looking for simple answers. What I'm talking about is indeed easy to learn but it is deeply rooted in the science of what provides us with the energy, creativity, and motivation to make it big in life.

Let’s get back to H.U.D. Some of you may already know that H.U.D. stands for “Heads Up Display”.  The exact definition is a display of instrument readings in an aircraft or vehicle that can be seen without lowering the eyes, typically through being projected onto the windshield or visor.

Here is an image of an actual H.U.D. from an aircraft.

H.U.D. display from an aircraft

Notice in the above image how the pilot has a clear field of vision but also has all his important flight data not only visible and right in front of him/her but also clearly displayed. This is critical for fighter pilots. They would be at a huge disadvantage without it. Flying precision missions without the advantage of seeing your flight path as well as flight data could mean the difference between life and death.

In the image above, replace the view of the sky with your everyday view. You can use the view you see right now as you read the words on this page. Now replace those green flight data displays with visions of the things you will be able to acquire once you become successful. You might replace them with a vision of the car you want most, the house you will be living in. You might choose to see a vacation destination or the joy on the faces of the people closest to you as you are able to offer them everything they ever wanted.

Put anything you desire on your HUD.

Now that you have your rewards on your personal HUD keep them in your field of vision at all times. When they fade because your mind wanders, bring them back. Every single invention, company or product started with a vision. This is all you're doing here; steering your mind’s eye with visions of the rewards of your success.

There is one more simple piece to this. As you fight to keep these rewards on your personal HUD don’t just look at them. Try to feel the exact feelings and emotions you will experience once you achieve them. Feel the extreme pride, feel the powerful joy, feel the excitement, feel the overwhelming sense of accomplishment that will wash over you on the day it all comes to you.

This is powerful, powerful stuff if you use it.

Keep your HUD on at all times. Never let it dim. Never let it fade. Keep it alive, bright and clear right in front of you. It won’t get in the way. Just go about your day. Just like the HUD display in the image above you can see everything going on around you at all times as well as your rewards. It won't distract you from being aware of your surroundings. Instead, you will find that it enhances your surroundings. When your rewards are this close, this clear and this constant they will provide you with the energy, inspiration, and focus whenever you need them. It’s an amazing tool, and now you know how to use it!

It requires a bit of practice, and you may forget to turn on your HUD but once you feel the powerful effects of living this way you will never want to turn it off.

For years we have been taught to remember our goals, remember why we started, write our goals down, keep a journal, etc. I have found all of these things to be ineffective for me. I would revisit my goals in the morning and by the time I was done with my breakfast my goals and rewards were a distant memory as the stress of the day took over my mind. I was never able to tap into any of the energy they provided because I was simply not anchored to them effectively. Sure the thought of nice things would pop into my head a few times a day but it didn’t help much. Once I learned to keep my future rewards in my sight 24/7, everything changed.

I just explained the process in full. There is nothing else to this. Simple solutions often are the best solutions.

This method works for any goal/reward scenario. Get a clear vision of those rewards, slap them on you personal HUD and take flight towards the life of your dreams.

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