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Steve Edge | Don't Wait, Celebrate Yourself

Steve Edge | Don't Wait, Celebrate Yourself

Steve Edge - Don't Wait

Steve Edge recounts an important lesson he learned after losing his Aunt Hazel.


I had a great realization. Why I dressed like I did, and still do, was at nine years old, with usually poor families, you always had a rich aunt and I had this amazing rich aunt, aunt Hazel. And I went round over there to my lovely aunt Hazel's house and she had cabinets full of amazing objects. She had glass, china, and I said to her that day, I said to my aunt, "When do you use all this stuff?" And she said, "On special occasions."

You know what? A week later she died. She died. And never ever used any of it, and it was the most saddest thing to me and it was a realization that day at nine, I thought, "Right. We've got no money. We've got nothing. We'll have a great life," because my dad was always entertaining, and my mom made our clothes. But I had a Sunday best, and I thought, "Right, from now on, I'm going to wear my Sunday best everyday, because everyday you can dress for a party," and the party will come to you.

So if you've got those fantastic gold shoes, the most beautiful dress, the most beautiful suit, wear it. If it gets torn or breaks or wears out, doesn't matter. You would have absolutely enjoyed it and it'll be the best thing in life.

And it is. And I dressed for a party everyday and I truly have a party every day.

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