A stranger’s note made one mother’s hard day better.

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Devon Linden takes her two kids to swim practice every week, but one particular day was proving more difficult than most.

“I was really honestly near tears just as a mom, trying to keep it together, and get my kids out of there,” Linden said.

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That’s when a kind stranger handed her a note of encouragement and told her that she’s got this.

In a moment where she saw me struggling, she didn’t pass judgement on me, my kids, my parenting, anything that was happening. She just chose to bless me.

Devon Linden to 5News

When she got to her car and unfolded the note she found another surprise — $100!

The note said: “Your life and purpose is huge!! Life is so precious. Every day is a gift, so make it count. Enjoy!!”

The Surprising Note a Stranger Gave a Struggling Mother

Linden broke down in tears and says this is the kind of person and mom she hopes to be in the future. “I’m trying to think of what this new decade is going to bring for me, what type of person I can strive to be, and I just thought, I want to be like this lady. I want to be impactful in the best way,” she told 5News.

This is what she wants to teach her kids as well.

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“Something that I want to show my children too is how to give others grace when they’re having a hard time and pass that on,” Linden said.

Linden wants to continue passing on acts of kindness, and she has a message for the woman who blessed her. “Really just thank you for seeing me in a hard time and really just giving me exactly what I needed in that moment to feel like I can spend my day being a good mom and person,” she said to 5News.


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“Be an Encourager: When you encourage others, you boost their self-esteem, enhance their self-confidence, make them work harder, lift their spirits and make them successful in their endeavors.” – Roy T. Bennett