A teacher in Ghana has become a global sensation for his dedication to his students.

An information and computer technology (ICT) teacher, Richard Appiah Akoto had been struggling to teach his subject for years now, as his school has not owned any computers since 2011, according to the BBC.

So he’s been going the extra mile — or a couple of hundred extra miles — by meticulously sketching Microsoft software diagrams on his blackboard.

Akoto’s inspiring school lessons go viral

A fan of sharing updates on Facebook, Akoto found himself at the center of a global media frenzy after posting a few snapshots of his classroom sketches on the social media platform.

However, this was not the first time the superhero teacher taught his IT classes with nothing but a blackboard — he’s been doing it for years.

Akoto started sketching his lessons on blackboards because students in Ghana are required to pass a computer literacy test at the end of primary school to be able to continue their studies in high-school, despite the complete lack of IT equipment in some schools.

Impressed by Akoto’s dedication to his students’ education, the online community reached out to Microsoft Africa for support, and the IT giant did not hesitate to help out.

The internet rallies to help his cause

Within days, Microsoft replied that the company will not only send a Microsoft computer to Akoto to help with his efforts, but will also be providing him with access to Microsoft’s Educator Community program, as well as free professional development resources.