He’s Prince Charming AND the fairy godmother, all rolled into one.

High school junior Parker Smith had never sewn a stitch in his life. But when his best friend and prom date, Addi Rust, couldn’t afford her dream dress, he wasn’t about to let that stand in his way.

How a Teenager Ended Up Making His Prom Date’s Dream Dress

teen makes prom dress
Parker Smith/Fox 59

When it comes to prom, the only thing almost as important as the event itself is what you wear. So when high school senior, Addi, finally found THE dress, she was on cloud nine.

Until one glance at the price tag brought her hurtling back to earth.

Disappointed that she couldn’t afford the “outrageously expensive” dress of her dreams, she jokingly suggested to Parker that he should make her one instead.

At first, he laughed at the idea. After all, he didn’t even know how to sew. But after thinking about it for a minute, he told her, “You know what, I think I could actually make your prom dress.”

Turns out, he was right.

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Even though prom was still a few months away, Parker immediately got to work sketching out a design. Then came the hard part: bringing his creation to life.

Undaunted by the fact that he’d never even used a sewing machine, he got to work. With the odd tip from his grandmother, he taught himself everything he needed to know.

Parker poured his heart and countless hours into making the dress perfect, often redoing parts of it that didn’t quite measure up to his standards.

Finally, the night before prom, he sewed on the final rhinestone. His masterpiece was complete.

The Prom Dress that Brought a Teen’s Date to Tears

To say Addi loved it is an understatement. She looked like she’d just walked straight out of a fairy tale. Not only did Parker give her the dress of her dreams, but he also gave her an amazing memory that she will cherish for a lifetime. (And if this doesn’t earn him best friend brownie points for life, nothing will.)

She took to Twitter with a heartfelt message to her best friend. Along with a series of stunning photos, she tweeted: “Taking a minute to brag on this man because I think this is the coolest thing that I’ve ever been a part of. Parker MADE my prom dress. Straight from scratch did the whole thing and I am still speechless. I’m so lucky to have him as my best friend!”

She sure is.

Parker also posted about it on Twitter, writing: “Quite a journey, but the first thing I’ve ever sewn (a prom dress) has been finished, just in time for the ball,” he tweeted. “Not only did I get the honor of being the Prince Charming to the beautiful @AddiRust, but her fairy godmother as well, haha! I’m so thankful for her. (From scratch).”

Every fairy tale has a happy ending and Addi certainly got hers, thanks to her prom date and best friend. But the story wouldn’t be complete without Parker getting his own happy ending too.

From High School Prom to the Theater Stage

Parker and Addi’s real-life Cinderella story quickly went viral, capturing the attention of thousands of people, including Bob Harbin.

At the time, Harbin, the former head of casting for FOX network, was directing a production of “Cinderella” at Footlite Musicals, a performing arts theater in Indianapolis.

Coincidentally, he was on the hunt for a costume designer. As soon as he saw Parker’s designs, his search was over.

Parker created an impressive two-in-one dress that transformed from peasant to princess “through a series of tabs, spinning, and a magical actress.”

Check it out…

And he continues to make his own dreams come true, working on a number of sketches and creations, including bridal gowns.

What started out as a selfless act of kindness and an amazing display of friendship has turned into so much more. Not only did Addi get her dream dress and a Cinderella moment most girls only dream of, but it also set Parker on a path to his own happily ever after.

Fairy tales, it seems, really do come true.