When one graduate wasn’t allowed walk across the stage, a willing stranger stepped in.

Leroy Solis Jr. had worked hard to get to where he was that afternoon. Minutes away from receiving his high school diploma from Douglas MacArthur High School, Leroy lined up with his fellow classmates, ready to cross the stage. So when the school principal told him that he couldn’t walk because he didn’t have the right pants on, the resourceful boy wasn’t going to let that stop him.

His family was there, waiting to watch that important rite of passage. He didn’t want to disappoint them or miss out on that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Leroy’s consideration of his family is exactly what had pushed the San Antonio, Texas teen to show up in jeans that day, even though the school had a no-jeans policy for graduation. Leroy and his sister were being raised by their single dad.

Why One Teen Wasn’t Allowed to Walk the Stage at Graduation

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The boy knew his father didn’t have the money for fancy clothes. The graduation gown, he reasoned, fell almost to the floor. Whatever he was wearing would be covered up, anyway. Leroy didn’t want to ask his dad for the money to buy a new pair of pants.

With only minutes to spare, though, Leroy jumped out of line and went out to the parking lot in search of someone his size wearing pants that fit the dress code. He walked up to a stranger, explained the situation, and asked if he could borrow the boy’s pants. To his surprise, the kid and his father didn’t miss a beat. They immediately said yes and let Leroy change his pants in their car.

Leroy thanked them and ran back toward the school as the man and his son enthusiastically cheered, “Go cross that stage!” To complete his outfit, Leroy grabbed a $10 tie from a vendor outside the building before rushing to get back into line. Adherence to the school dress code: check.

Later, Leroy’s sister Rosemary shared her brother’s story on Facebook. They lost contact with the kind stranger after the event, and Leroy wanted the chance to thank him again.

How One Stranger Proved the Importance of Generosity

The man and his son’s quick acceptance to help a stranger in need, no questions asked, allowed Leroy Solis Jr. to cross the stage that day and receive his high school diploma, among the clapping and cheers of his friends and family.

Their generosity allowed Leroy to participate in a rite of passage accorded to his peers and so many other teens across the country. Thanks to their kindness, Leroy didn’t have to miss out.

Amidst backlash to school dress codes, Rosemary insists, “I’m not upset with the school.” The rest of her family agreed. When faced with a problem, Leroy didn’t look for who he could blame. Instead, he took matters into his own hands and came up with a solution. And he has a couple of generous strangers to thank for being able to carry it out.

“There’s still good people out there with huge hearts,” Rosemary continued. “My brother would not have walked across the stage had it not been for these kind strangers. People still care.”


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