Since its inception in 2007, the entertainers of The Flying Seagull Project have worked tirelessly to bring joy and laughter to disadvantaged children and communities worldwide.

From the U.K. to Ghana, from Romania to Australia, and from Greece to Cambodia, the Seagulls work with a variety of groups to bring lighthearted fun to children undergoing aggressive medical treatments, refugee camps, deaf/blind schools, slums, orphanages and marginalized communities.

Where safety, food or shelter are lacking, where poverty forces children into labor, or where illness or disability or social exclusion shrink the world into a daily struggle, play can seem a luxury.

– The Flying Seagull Project

Founded by entertainer Ash Perrin a decade ago, the organization has put on over 3,000 shows and has brought 82,000 smiles to children in need with their skills in “highly precise silliness”. The troupe can also be hired for private events, with all profits redirected into further nonprofit initiatives on the global stage.

Whether it’s dancing, games, face-painting, art, theater, or singing, Seagulls’ activity aims to provide distressed communities a respite from daily hardships, and encourages children to smile. To be careless. To be children.

We believe that it is everyone – man, woman or child’s – right to put aside the cares of life and smile for a while.

– The Flying Seagull Project

Over the past few years, the “elite squad of laughing professionals”, as they title themselves, has been involved in relief efforts throughout European refugee camps.

Visiting some of the most notorious refugee settlements such as Idomeni, or the Isle of Lesbos, The Flying Seagull Project has worked tirelessly to bring laughter and joy back into the lives of refugee children, who often have no safe spaces or toys to play with.


Those who believe in the power of play can help fund future projects and thousands of smiles by contributing to The Flying Seagull’s Emergency Silliness  holiday fundraising efforts.