Oregon couple surprised three foster children with adoption papers making it the perfect Christmas for them.

Christmas is the season of miracles and joy, but for these three children, it was the day where their long awaited prayers were finally answered.

Two days before Christmas, Oregon couple, Sarah and Michael Perks received finalized adoption papers for their three foster children. With the holidays approaching, they found the perfect way to reveal the big news – wrap the documents as presents and place them under the Christmas tree.

“We thought, what better gift could you get than a forever family? That’s why we put the adoption papers under the tree, a kind of symbolism,” Michael said.

“You’re One of Us Now!”

The couple captured the heartwarming scene on a video and later posted it on Facebook. The video shows the eldest of the three children, Corbin opening the present and pulling out the document. Michael is seen announcing that they are now officially Perks and another child screaming, “You’re one of us now!”

The adoption process was tough on the three siblings, Corbin, Kierra and Damien, as they waited for six years under the care of the Perks. Corbin and his sister Kierra arrived first into the Perks home about five years ago, a year after they were placed into the foster care system.

Their younger brother, Damien joined them after he was born. This made this big day even more special and memorable for them. Sarah said that she knew that Corbin would be more emotional on seeing the adoption papers in his hands.

“He had been asking all year when it would be final, and when can he change his name to Perks at school, when could he could say he wasn’t in foster care anymore,” she said. “I knew it would be emotional for him, and that made us so happy to give them to him on such a special day!”

Posting the video on facebook, the couple wanted to share their joy and announce this exciting news to their family but did not expect the kind of response they received. The post went viral with everyone loving the emotional video and sending their best wishes.

“It kind of blew up, it had about three million views, and that was back in May. It’s crazy.”

The Perks Family Are Happier Than Ever

With the holiday season back, the video has again gathered attention from international audience and has gone viral yet again. As the video gets circulated all over the internet, the Perks family remains strong, united and happy. The
three siblings and, Michael and Sara’s four biological children has quickly adapted to their new lives together and are now inseparable.

“Everybody gets along really well. My daughters are inseparable,” he said. “Corbin and my biological son are the best of friends.” 

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Corbin and his siblings waited for six years praying and hoping that one day they would finally be able to introduce themselves as part of the Perks family. They wanted to completely belong and find joy in living with the family that cared and loved them all these years. Seeing that prayer finally being answered after all the waiting is truly nothing less than a miracle for them.

So if there is something that you truly want and are currently waiting to receive it, just hold on patiently and believe that you will receive it no matter how hard it may seem to be. Because when you are ready to receive it, it will come. It just might take you by surprise in the most memorable way.


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