Expecting the birth of a child is often the highlight of any parent’s life. Michael and Michelle Bower were no exception; they were overjoyed when they learned they were having a daughter.

The Indiana couple’s excitement took a turn, however, when they found out about some major complications at the 20-week mark. An ultrasound informed them that their daughter had a condition called spina bifida, a type of neural tube defect that can cause paralysis, changes to the brain, and severe trauma injuries to the nerves.

How a Little Girl Proved Doctors Wrong

The parents-to-be were devastated when doctors informed them their child would likely be unable to walk, talk, or breathe on their own. They even suggested Michelle terminate the pregnancy — the odds of a healthy life for a child with this condition so unlikely.

However, Michelle and Michael were determined to see it through. They decided to go through with one of the riskiest types of surgery, one that would attempt to close the opening in their baby’s spine — while still in utero.

So Michelle underwent surgery on April 27, 2020, with over 35 medical professionals present for the delicate, 3-hour long, operation. Michelle was then confined to a strict bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy.

Ultimately, the couple’s daughter — Lacey — was delivered via a cesarean section on July 20. Lacey was immediately taken to intensive care, where she spent the next 18 days learning to feed and beginning to wiggle her toes and ankles. Doctors determined she was partially paralyzed from the waist down, but Lacey soon began to surprise everyone, and hasn’t stopped since.

At just 19-months-old, Lacey was able to speak at the level of an average 3-year-old. Soon after, she even began to maneuver her body more than doctors ever expected.

The Miracle One Couple Witnessed

Now at 3 years old, she has even taken her first steps with the help of a walker.

In the above video shared to Michael’s Facebook page, Lacey can be seen walking up the family’s driveway with her walker.

The parents regularly share updates regarding Lacey’s development to the Facebook page, which has now become a beacon of hope for others with similarly challenging medical conditions.

“Every day you get to witness a miracle,” Michael proudly told a publication.

“It really is incredible because one year ago, she was standing for the first time,” he marveled. “You know, doing something we never thought we’d see Lacey do. And now it’s been a year, and she can walk in her walker, and I mean completely supporting all of her own weight, which is just incredible, and I truly believe we’re going to get to a point where she doesn’t even need a walker. She has that drive.”

How One Little Girl Proved the Importance of Perseverance

This drive is the most impressive part of Lacey’s journey, and precisely what makes her such an inspiration.

Despite the bleak outlook of her diagnosis, Lacey is a ray of joy. She is rarely seen without a smile on her face, and is constantly laughing. She remains clever, inquisitive, and determined — traits her parents believe have helped her defy the odds.

Lacey is the embodiment of perseverance. She possesses an unstoppable spirit, and is a shining example of the power of determination.

Her progress exhibited on Facebook is now an inspiration to hundreds of thousands who follow the updates.

Most recently, her father shared an update that Lacey would begin preschool.

By all accounts, Lacey is beating the odds of her diagnosis, and leading a full life. Her story is an inspiration for any facing hurdles in their life, beyond medical challenges. The strength of her spirit is remarkable, and can teach us all to keep going, especially when it seems most difficult.

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