“If you have any interest in doing something extraordinary, if you have any interest in performing better than other people, if you have any interest in doing something that will be remembered — pick one thing and do it with force and determination.”


Photo Credit: Impact Theory

This is an excerpt from Tom Bilyeu’s video dedicated to inspiring people who struggle to follow through. If you don’t know who Tom Bilyeu is, he’s the co-founder of Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion which grew by 57,000% in the first three years alone.

Today, he’s the co-founder of Impact Theory, a first-of-its-kind company designed to inspire and cultivate the minds of entrepreneurs looking to make a positive mark on the world. But before all his success, Tom Bilyeu was a hardworking man with a deep-seated need to do something incredible.

From scrounging for change in his couch cushions to building a billion-dollar company from scratch, Tom knows a thing or two about what it takes to succeed (and motivation isn’t it).

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You don’t need motivation, you need drive

You can wake up at 6 AM, eat a protein-filled breakfast, work out, write your goals for the day, and all those other tips for success you have read a million times before. Sure, they’ll give you an energy boost, and maybe you will feel like you can take on the world…at least for a while.

But if you’re not focused on what you truly believe is your purpose in life, or feel genuinely passionate about what you’re waking up every morning to achieve, then your motivation will easily fall flat. Any obstacle will be a reason for you to push it to tomorrow over and over again.

You don’t need motivation, you need that innate urge that’s almost indistinguishable from hunger to fuel your every move towards reaching your goal. In an inspiring video, Tom Bilyeu showcases David Goggins talking about this concept:

“Motivation is crap. Motivation comes and goes. When you’re driven, whatever is in front of you will get destroyed.”

Unlock your drive and become unstoppable

If you feel like you’re not giving 100%, it’s not because you’re lazy, tired, or just “not in the mood.” It’s actually because there’s something deeper that’s stopping you. Maybe you don’t fully believe you can do it, or maybe this isn’t what you really want but you’ve come too far to quit now. Maybe you’re still stuck in the nine-to-five mindset and can’t see your own potential yet.

Having the right mindset can make or break your success. Tom Bilyeu understood this after his billion-dollar triumph with Quest Nutrition. While Tom could have easily bought a jet or a private island to spend his retirement, he chose to become an agent of change to help entrepreneurs realize they have the power to build something much bigger than themselves.

From speaking in videos about how to find your purpose to sharing insights about building success from nothing and hosting interviews with some of the most successful people in the world; Tom Bilyeu and his team are adamant about helping you unlock your true potential so you too can make a true and lasting impact on the world.

You have to decide what you want your mission in life to be and then go after it with everything you’ve got.

So if you’re serious about improving your life, sparking that insatiable drive, and giving yourself that much-needed push in the right direction, take the first step and dive into Tom Bilyeu’s YouTube channel.