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The Game-Changers, Innovators and Trailblazers to Watch Out for in 2019
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The Game-Changers, Innovators and Trailblazers to Watch Out for in 2019

What are your dreams? A yacht in the Mediterranean, or meeting the love of your life, or curing a life-threatening disease? Changing the world?

It costs nothing to dream; all you have to do is just close your eyes and picture yourself doing that thing, however wild and outlandish it is; everyone has thousands of dreams, big and small, they are dying to realize.  

Thing is, there’s actually nothing that special about dreams. Anyone can do it, you just close your eyes. Also, everybody does it, all the time; there is a high likelihood that at least a million other people have the exact same dream as you.

Now going out there and actually doing it? Well, that’s what separates the glassy-eyed dreamers from the real innovators, the trailblazers, the groundbreakers; the people woke to what needs to get done, willing to wake up before the sun and face the hard work, willing to dig deep and get their hands dirty, willing to sweat and hustle and struggle day in and day out, willing to fail a thousand times before they succeed, all in the humble service of making their dreams a reality and empowering others to do the same.

Today, there are more than seven billion people in the world -- each one making an impact in their own unique way.  But we’ve carefully selected each and every nominee we think stand out; not based on their global scale, prestige, or name, but on their stand-out actions, vulnerability and willingness to break the mold and push their dreams forward -- whether that comes in the form of writing and creating, philanthropic efforts or offering a much-needed dose of authenticity in their respective industry.

Here are the top 33 Goal-Getters to look out for in 2019 -- in no particular order.

LeBron James


What his deal is: Dunkmaster wunderkind blossoms into elder statesman of arts and letters.

What he’s getting at: Yes, he is arguably one the best to ever play the game. Yes, he has scooped up medals and trophies and awards for his high-flying, mesmerizing athletic performances. Yes, his favourite subject in school was art. But he’s transformed into a true Goal-Getter off the court, when he recently became the mastermind behind establishing a new type of school for at-risk youth in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Growing up, LeBron always struggled at school because of the instability at home, missing huge swaths of his own education. This motivated him to help future generations of children with similar backgrounds that need a bit of extra support. Always with his eyes on the prize, LeBron ensured the curriculum was science- and tech-based, and that each graduating student will be guaranteed free tuition to university.

Why you should care: With the constant, high-stakes pressure to perform, elite athletes have earned the right to tune out. LeBron didn’t; he tuned in to the needs of his community, put his money where his mouth is, and gave back, making a true investment in the future.

Marie Kondo


What her deal is: Disarming exterior + ruthless interior = Jedi master of space and order.

What she’s getting at: If you’ve turned on Netflix recently, or stepped into your local bookstore, then you’ll surely know who Marie Kondo is by now. The organizing consultant has won her way into homes across the world thanks to her no-nonsense knack for using decluttering as a method of self-development and growth. Demure and soft-spoken, but don’t let her harmless appearance fool you - she’s quietly fierce when it comes to tackling the detritus of life, so that you can focus on more meaningful aspects of your existence. Her breakout book -- The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up-- has sold millions of copies, and in the process has charted a new path that unburdens us from the trappings of an economic system that is built to make us always crave more material possessions; with it, come a lightness, not just of objects, but of one’s self.

Why you should care: Have you had a look at your closets? That’s why.

Kevin Kwan


What his deal is: His very first book, with its massive success, is opening doors for underrepresented voices in pop culture. Finally!

What is he getting at: You might not instantly recognize his name -- but you’ll definitely be fond of his words. Or the screen adaptation of his writings. As the author of Crazy Rich Asians, this Singaporean American novelist has penned many page-turners, including China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems, all of which helped him land on the 2014 ‘Five Writers to Watch’ list from The Hollywood Reporter. Not only has he captivated the hearts of readers around the world, he’s also opening doors for other Asian creators, actors and artists on an international scale. Thanks to his breakthrough success in 2018, Kwan also cemented his spot in the Asian Hall of Fame, and landed on Time’s list of the most 100 influential people in the world. As he makes another lap around the sun, he’s likely to keep the good reads rolling.

Why you should care: Hollywood needs more diverse representation and Crazy Rich Asians was a trailblazer.

Adam Roa

What his deal is: A transformational artist, he’s on a mission to inspire change in the world.

What is he getting at: If you believe in spirit guides, you’re going to be astounded by this Goal-Getter. Imagine this: sitting on an air mattress with his girlfriend and dog, Adam Roa invited people to come and take his stuff for free. Bit by bit on an afternoon in Santa Monica, his pots, pans, paintings, snowboard, you name it, all went out the door. But what he found at the end was better. Though they quit their jobs, started a new coaching business and left a city they loved, they decided to be homeless and see where the path took them. Many years later, he owns a powerful and renowned coaching business and continues to produce viral videos that attract millions of views.

Why you should care: In true fashion, he came from nothing… and look what he made.

Jen Sincero


What her deal is: She went from living in a garage to becoming a millionaire life-coach and best-selling author. No biggie.

What is she getting at: You’ve seen her books at your local bookstore but have you picked one up? You might now. Authors of the ‘badass’ series including You Are a Badass and You Are a Badass at Making Money, both of which have topped the best-selling lists. The idea for these books came to her after struggling herself, and being rejected by many publishers before finding her way. Her tone is all about taking control of your life and realizing that if you want to make changes you can -- and you will. TBD on what she’ll come out with in 2019, but we bet it’ll be -- well -- badass.

Why you should care: She wants to help you unleash your inner badass -- and how badass is that?

Elon Musk

What his deal is: Bullied whiz kid turned saviour of the human species. Awkward gentle giant, nerd god.

What he’s getting at: Let’s zoom past the beatings he suffered at the hands of bullies, past his teenage wanderings in the forests of British Columbia, past the years of all-nighters writing code hopped up on gallons of Diet Coke, even past the tens of millions of dollars he made in the tech world before the age of 30. Elon Musk's sights are set bigger and higher than most - nothing less than saving us from ourselves. He could have taken his fortune and disappeared. Instead, he put it all on the line and built Tesla Motors, an electric car company aiming to stave off environmental collapse; and SpaceX, a rocket ship company that is laying the foundation for an even bigger dream - interplanetary space travel and a human colony on Mars. Obsessed with science-fiction as a kid, Elon keeps channelling his gifts into dreams that people scoffed at; until, that is, he makes those dreams a reality. Hyperloop, anyone?

Why you should care: Eccentric billionaires are a hoot, but Elon is no laughing matter. He’s the full package. Brains, vision and, most important, chutzpah out the yingyang.

Maggie Doyne

What her deal is: She uprooted her life to follow her dream and got a standing ovation from Warren Buffett.

What is she getting at: After a life changing trip to Nepal, Maggie Doyne’s life was forever changed. This American philanthropist built a women’s center, school and children's home in Surkhet, founding the BlinkNow Foundation. Through this initiative, she’s helped more than 380 children attend the school, along with inspiring thousands to do their part to end poverty and promote worldwide education and access to maternal health. Her efforts, dedication and passion earned her the CNN Hero of the Year Award in 2015. These days, she continues to split her time in Nepal, and gives countless speeches of humanitarian and justice.

Why you should care: Her unusual path and unique definition of success have carved her out as a leader in her own right.

Michelle Obama

Michelle obama goal getter 1024x1024

What her deal is: Lift the rock you’ve been living under and embrace the ‘Bama!

What is she getting at: She had already checked off successful lawyer, first African American First Lady and fashion icon, so what was Michelle’s next move going to be? She buckled down and wrote her first book -- Becoming --a raw and honest memoir of her life and her vision of the future. Not only did it skyrocket to the top of best-sellers list - setting an Amazon record for holding the #1 spot for the most consecutive weeks in a row (deservedly beating out Fifty Shades of Grey) - but it propelled her to become the most admired woman in America, knocking out Hillary Clinton from the top spot after a 16-year run. She’s denied any interest in running for office, but she is taking the book on tour, where she’ll be lighting a burning desire for change for hundreds of thousands of people, a flame of hope in these dark times.

Why you should care: To bear witness to the amazing evolution of someone somehow becoming more boss than they already were. Caterpillar, butterfly, but what’s next? It’s Michelle's time!

Will Smith


What his deal is: From broke rapper, to Fresh Prince, to multimillionaire actor and motivational speaker, he’s willing to hustle and get things done.

What is he getting at: He is -- in fact -- from west Philadelphia, born and raised, but he’s come a mighty far way. As one of the most renowned and recognizable faces in Hollywood, Will Smith has been nominated for five Golden Globes, two Academy Awards and has won four Grammys. From his early days in the iconic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to his leading roles in countless successful films, Smith continues to act, produce and even inspire on Instagram. And by successful -- we mean lucrative -- considering 17 of the 21 films he’s led in have made more than $100 million… each. With motivational YouTube and Instagram videos releasing regularly, this actor has created a platform beyond the screen. This year,  he’s working on an exciting motivational book project in collaboration with Mark Manson (of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck) --bringing even more attention to this mega star.

Why you should care: Who doesn’t love Will Smith? He proves time and time again that you can seriously pursue any interests you may have.

Lewis Howes


What his deal is: Are you ready for greatness? If you’re not, this American entrepreneur, author and former professional arena league football player will get you there.

What is he getting at: This professional athlete turned self-help guru and podcast host has a die-hard following -- many people are addicted to his talk show and podcast that aims to inspire through feature interviews. It’s one of the highest rated on iTunes, and has featured guests that have made their mark in various industries, from Robert Greene and Timothy Sykes to Danica Patrick, Gary Vaynerchuk and more. In 2019, it’s time to tune in -- and be better.

Why you should care: He’s a man on mission to inspire.

Lisa Nichols

What her deal is: Headstrong and resourceful, she went from being a broke, single-parent to a self-made millionaire.

What is she getting at: While today, she is one of the most highly sought after motivational speakers and media personalities in the market, twenty years ago, it wasn't so rosy for Lisa Nichols. In fact, she only had $12 in her bank account as a single mom on public assistance. Through grit, tenacity and plenty of downfalls, she turned herself into a millionaire entrepreneur and an author with many books on the top of lists. With a mass following online, she’s making the impossible accessible, and for that, we’re wowed.

Why you should care: She’s proof that it’s possible to overcome the odds to achieve the impossible.

Brené Brown


What her deal is: From little-known academic to global leading authority on courage and vulnerability.

What is she getting at: You might not instantly recognize her name, but you probably watched her TED talk. For a quick refresher: she’s a research professor at the University of Houston, where she’s leading the Huffington Foundation. For many years, she’s dedicated herself to exploring the intimate sides of our psyche, diving deep into the concepts of shame, empathy, vulnerability and courage. Through her work, she’s written five New York Times best-sellers, from The Gift of Imperfectionto Daring Greatly and most recently, Dare to Lead. Her TED talk -- appropriately named ‘The Power of Vulnerability -- is in the top five most-viewed ever, with 35 million and counting streams.

Why you should care: She’s unapologetically reshaping how we think about leadership and success.

Jada Pinkett Smith

What her deal is: Talented actress, outspoken female activist, loyal wife and loving mom: she’s the real deal.

What is she getting at: This actress has been behind the camera since the 1990s, starring in iconic films including The Nutty Professor and Menace II, and continuing her career as a start in the Madagascar films, Bad Moms and others. She’s been an outspoken female activist, alongside her supportive husband, Will, and their children. Beyond entertainment, she’s produced films, documentaries and television series, and even written a children’s book. These days, she’s part of Red Table Talk, giving her a new platform to share her passions and pursuits as well as creating a safe space to put the spotlight on more difficult topics of conversation such as mental health and making marriage work.

Why you should care: She’s doing an unparalleled job shedding light on uncomfortable subjects, what’s next?

Malala Yousafzai

What her deal is: Fearless and determined, she survived an attempt on her life only to become one of the youngest and most famous educational activists in the world.

What is she getting at: It was the fateful story that was heard around the world in 2012: three young school-aged Pakistani girls were shot by a Taliban gunman. The attempt was targeted toward Malala Yousafzai, who at the age of 15 was already an outspoken activist. Though the bullet went through her head and she remained in critical condition, she not only survived -- but she took it as an opportunity to expand her platform. She quickly became one of the most recognizable and popular teenagers in the world, eventually becoming the youngest Nobel Peace prize winner in history. She’s been the feature of documentaries and feature stories, as well as one of the most influential people in the world in 2013, 2014 and 2015. In 2017, she became a Canadian citizen, and also the youngest person to speak at the House of Commons.

Why you should care: These days she’s studying for her bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford -- and once she graduates? Well, we can’t wait to see what waves she makes -- she’s only just getting started.

Eva Chen


What her deal is: Former pre-med student turned editor seamlessly blending fashion and tech at Instagram.

What is she getting at: Formerly the editor-in-chief of Lucky and the beauty and health director of Teen Vogue, Eva Chen is now working to make fashion accessible to the masses through social media platforms. Having held a top position at Instagram since 2015, she’s developing partnerships that make it easier to shop the styles you love without ever leaving the app. In addition to this wave of innovation, she’s also writing children’s books and speaking out about topics that matter in her piece of the world.

Why you should care: At such a young age and with so much success, we know we’re only starting to see what Chen is capable of.

Elizabeth Gilbert


What her deal is: Best-selling author turned keynote speaker whose passion for creativity fascinates us.

What is she getting at: Though she’s written countless books, her memoir Eat, Pray, Love cemented her spot in history, as she candidly led readers through the healing period following her divorce through Italy, Indonesia and beyond. Since her story was turned into a film starring Julia Roberts, she’s continued to write and come out as queer when she realized her soulmate was her best friend, Rayya Elias. While Elias tragically passed away a little over a year ago, Elizabeth Gilbert has since a powerful supporter of inclusion and diversity. She’s released two books since Eat, Pray, Love and in 2019, we’ll see more of her, as her latest hits shelves in July.

Why you should care: Whether it’s through her books or her talks, she’ll have a way of convincing you that you can find happiness, and that it’s within reach.

Scooter Braun

What his deal is: The manager to some of the biggest names in pop, he’s built an empire from the ground up.

What is he getting at: American entrepreneur Scooter Braun said it best himself in an exclusive interview with Goalcast, “the homes of success and failure are right next door to each other.” Despite his turbulent start in the industry -- from paying for his client’s dinners with quarters to breaking down and nearly calling it quits before he even got started -- Braun has since represented some of the largest --and most influential -- names in music. As the founder of the media and entertainment company, SB Projects, he’s running the behind-the-scenes mayhem for Ariana Grande, Zac Brown Band, and Justin Bieber, to name a few. His dedication to his stars and his modern approach to celebrity wrangling has earned him a Grammy Award, but that’s not all. Last year, he made headlines for a different type of fame, when he co-organized March for Lives, the student-led initiative that was in response to the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Why you should care: He’s uber-successful and always looking to the future, who knows what brilliant idea he’ll come up with next.

Donald Glover


What his deal is: One of the most hardworking and recognizable faces in the entertainment industry, he’s got so many side-hustles, it’s hard to keep track.

What is he getting at: First hired by Tina Fey as a writer for NBC’s 30 Rock, Donald Glover has grown into a beloved American actor, comedian, writer, director, rapper, and even a DJ, under the name mcDJ. These days, you can find him acting in the FX series Atlanta he created and continues to direct from time-to-time. Because of his compelling portrayal, he’s been nominated by many awards, including two Emmys and a Golden Globe. Apart from his TV work, he’s also starred in blockbusters including Spider-Man: Homecoming, Magic Mike XXL, and soon, will star in the 2019 release of The Lion King. Did we mention he sings? He’s also earned a Grammy for his performances. If you’re tired just thinking about his hustle, you’re not alone.

Why you should care: We’re right on schedule for him to completely blow our minds again soon.

Emily Weiss

Emily weiss goal getters 1024x1024

What her deal is: Former MTV intern and unassuming beauty blogger turned entrepreneur and incredibly successful CEO.

What is she getting at: While working an entry-level position at Vogue, Emily Weiss set aside time from 4 to 8 a.m. to focus on her side hustle, Into the Gloss. This blog features women’s beauty and grooming products, advice and wisdom, and eventually, she grew her audience to more than 10 million. How’d she do it? Through her popular series, Top Shelf, where she managed to snag interviews with celebrities in their bathroom (yep, you read that right), including Karlie Kloss and Jenna Lyons, among others. Once she secured a few key partnerships and hired a few people, she took the leap and quit her job, putting all of her efforts into the blog. A few years later, the idea for a product line, Glossier, was born and created, and has since taken over social media with a cult-like following. With effective marketing and a subtle approach, they’ve infiltrated the space, and have grown the company in dividends, opening two stores -- and earning $10 million in sales.

Why you should care: She’s built a thriving beauty brand from scratch, by sticking to her vision and to her values. Right on, sister!

Cindy Holland


What her deal is: She’s one of the masterminds behind the powerhouse that’s completely transforming Hollywood.

What is she getting at: If you want a show on Netflix, you’re going to have to go through Cindy Holland. You might not recognize her name, but she’s transforming this uber-successful company as the vice president of original series. She’s responsible for many shows you love -- including Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why -- to name a few. She’s said to be confident, tough to impress, and an impressive hard worker. It helps she has an all-star team that’s becoming more and more involved with Netflix each day, from Tina Fey to David Fincher and Shonda Rhimes. Another lap around the sun means another round of breakthrough hits from this all-star executive.

Why you should care: She’s established herself as a no-nonsense game changer and we can’t help but wonder where she’s taking the entertainment industry next.

Jay Shetty

What his deal is: Monk turned award-winning host and story-teller in the business of making wisdom go viral.

What is he getting at: He’s one of the most viewed people on the internet, and trust us, that’s saying a lot. He launched his video channel in 2016, attracting one billion views and more than 3 million followers. Focusing on nugget of wisdom and inspiring chats, he earned a spot on Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2017. Today, he’s the daily show of HuffPost Live #Follow the Reader, where he gets to interview influences like Deepak Chopra, Russell Brand and others. His main mantra? ‘Making wisdom go viral.’ And hey, he’s really great at it.

Why you should care: He’s attracted over a billion views on his videos, we think he’s onto something.

Serena Williams

What her deal is: Powerful and record-shattering, she’s a boss on and off the tennis court.

What is she getting at: This powerful athlete and mom isn’t letting anything stop her. To date, she’s not only the five-time winner of WTA Tour Championships but she’s claimed five Olympic gold medals. This made her the highest paid female athlete in 2016 and in 2017, where she also took a spot on Forbes’ highest paid athletes. Going into 2019, she’s hoping to continue to lead the pack, as she compete around the world. No matter how far she goes -- or for how long -- she’s paved the path for African American athletes, mothers, and women to know they’re not only worthy of greatness, but they can achieve it, too.

Why you should care: Watching her lead the way for female athletes from underrepresented minorities as well as being an outspoken advocate for postpartum depression has been nothing short of inspiring.

Meghan Markle

What her deal is: A self-made woman, this former actress turned British royalty is ushering the monarchy into the modern age.

What is she getting at: If you look beyond the click-bait headlines that paint Meghan Markle as a royal pain in the arse -- it’s easy to see what an impact she’s having on the British monarchy. Not only is she divorced and from African American descent, but she’s not abiding by all of the rules so many generations have followed without a second thought. In addition to painting her nails whatever color she pleases, Meghan continuously makes feminist statements in her dress, speech and actions. As she welcomes her first child with Prince Harry into the world this April, it’ll be fascinating to watch her choices as not only a duchess and an activist -- but as a mother.

Why you should care: She’s single-handedly changing the British monarchy with her fresh take on humanitarianism.

Chrissy Teigen


What her deal is: Zen mom with a killer IG game.

What she’s getting at: Chrissy may have started off as a Sports Illustrated model, but she shed that gig like the outdated BS that it is. Like it should, her brains mattered more than her bod, and she turned to social media to express the inner geek goddess that always lived inside her. Armed with razor-sharp wit and a big heart, she won over the internet with her honest, goofy take on child-rearing that helps everyday parents feel better about the craziness of raising kids. Here’s the thing: she gets it. She gets it all -- the diaper-changing, hair-pulling, sleep-depriving, nerve-wracking, uncontainable exuberance of parenting. Between Twitter and Instagram, she has a vocal, loyal fanbase of 30+ million followers that she built up, one sage piece of advice at a time. Super-influencer, parenting guru, master chef and best-selling author, and we didn’t even mention her husband once.

Why you should care: Because you’re going to have kids one day, and you’ll be relieved to have Chrissy in your corner.

Casey Neistat


What his deal is: From being a teenage dad, to washing dishes for a living, he’s now the biggest YouTube stars that the platform has ever known.

What is he getting at: In February of 2010, Casey Neistat uploaded a video criticizing New York’s MTA for not being clear on when you should pull the emergency break on the subway, and when you shouldn’t. Then a few days later, he published a six-minute film about Vimeo on Chatroulette as a social experiment. Then a year later, he become an outspoken leader for cyclists in NYC. Moral of the story? People pay attention to him, and he’s not afraid to say what he thinks. As one of the better known YouTube personalities, filmmakers, vloggers and entrepreneurs, he’s known for his messaging. And hey, he keeps at it, with more than a thousand under his belt.

Why you should care:His creative way of expressing himself has ensured people pay attention to what matters.

Melinda Gates


What her deal is: A champion of women empowerment, she’s at the head of one of the most influential charitable foundations the world has ever known.

What is she getting at: This American philanthropist has taken her fortune and worked to make a ripple in the world. Alongside her husband, Bill Gates, they created a foundation under their name, which works with numerous causes globally. The latest data from 2014 estimates the couple has donated more than $28 billion, and Melinda is at the helm. This dedication to assisting others in need has earned her a spot on the UK’s Most Influential Philanthropist and Social Entrepreneurs list, as well as France’s highest national award, The Legion of Honour. Not to mention another in Germany for her ‘outstanding services to peace and international understanding.’

Why you should care: She puts her money where her mouth is -- and is changing the world for the better.

Tom Bilyeu

What his deal is: An entrepreneur extraordinaire and talk show host who wants to help you ignite your full potential.

What is he getting at: In just four years, Tom Bilyeu has become a well-known entrepreneur for co-founding Quest Nutrition, which is currently one of the fastest-growing private company in North America. His company has more than 1,300 full-time employees, as well as 1,000 ambassadors, all with a goal to illustrate that healthy food can delicious -- and the hope to end metabolic disease. In recent years, Bilyeu founded Impact Theory with his wife, which is a for-profit media company that’s aiming to ‘leverage the self-sustaining power of commerce to radically influence global culture.’ They’re well on their way to creating virality, considering they already have 1.5 million followers (and growing) -- and they’ve hosted everyone from Peter Diamandis to Mel Robbins and Tim Ferriss on their long-form interview talk show.

Why you should care: He’s reinvented himself over and over again and it’ll be interesting to see what goals he crushes next.

Kathrin Zenkina


What her deal is: A manifestation wizard, she’s built an empire for herself and she’s helping others do the same.

What is she getting at: Though the fine art of manifestation has been a practice of Monks for centuries, it’s only recently it’s become a hot item on the press. The concept of creating the life you want -- from your relationships to your career -- by believing it so is called manifestation, and it’s a practice this mover-and-shaker wholeheartedly believes in. With the uber-popular Instagram account, Manifestation Babe, Kathrin Zenkina is helping to teach and inspire thousands. Her own rags-to-riches tale is fodder enough, considering just two years ago she was more than $25,000 in debt and making only $1,600 a month from a failing online business. A serendipitous read of The Secret and her now six-figure coaching business was born.

Why you should care: Who doesn’t want to live the life of their dreams?

Najwa Zebian

What her deal is: A rising star, her way with words inspires and brings people together around the world.

What is she getting at: Najwa Zebian has been trailblazing the way for women. Through her words, this Lebanese-Canadian author, speaker and educator has written novels and poetry, resonating with crowds around the world. She’s a self-published success story, often offering her words to the New York Times and CBS, along with countless other publications. Why is she a Goal-Getter? She has a subtle, yet poignant way, of making others feel less alone in their journey, taking from her own battles through displacement, abuse and discrimination. This makes her a leader -- and more importantly, a light.

Why you should care: Not afraid to tackle difficult topics, she reminds us that we’re not alone.

Prince EA


What his deal is: Part-time spoken-word poet, part-time rapper, part-time filmmaker with a message of love.

What is he getting at: He’s not your traditional hip-hop rapper -- and that could actually be a good thing. His given name is Richard Williams, but he’s better known under Prince EA, and as the founder of ‘Make S.M.A.R.T Cool’, which promotes free thought, unity, creativity and intelligence through music culture. Through his performances as an artist, poet and filmmaker, he tackles tough topics like work/life balance, spirituality, race and other important pursuits through powerful words and lyrics.

Why you should care: Considering he has more than 90 billion views on YouTube… the world is definitely listening.

Whitney Wolfe Herd

Whitney wolfe herd goal getter 1024x1024

What her deal is: The queen of dating apps, she’sshaking up the male-dominated world of online dating and nailing it.

What is she getting at: After co-founding Tinder, this American entrepreneur wasn’t happy with how she was mistreated by male executives, so she decided to quit. Oh -- and create a competitor. Currently, the founder and CEO of Bumble, a female-led dating app, she’s changed the dynamic of swiping, giving power to women on who they want to talk to -- and who they’d rather not. In addition to this gender shift, she’s also led other parts of the company’s networking algorithm, expanding into career networking and friendships building. Bumble’s valuation is around $1 billion, and Herd is part of Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30, as well as Forbes's 30 Under 30, too.

Why you should care: Bumble just keeps growing -- and changing the world for the better. Where will she expand to next?

Anne Wojcicki


What her deal is: This Silicon-Valley CEO is in the business of decoding your DNA.

What is she getting at: In recent years, DNA-testing has been on the mind’s of many, mostly thanks to one entrepreneur: Anna E. Wojcicki. As the chief executive officer and co-founder of 23andMe, households around the country have the ability to figure out their ancestral roots via their spit. This at-home kit was named ‘Invention of the Year’ by Time magazine in 2008, but it only started to gain momentum in the past few laps around the sun. She’s been named the ‘Most Daring CEO’, and uses the company data for research in health, science and beyond. With permission, of course.

Why you should care: Her company recently started to help fuel medical research, and well that’s pretty awesome.

Rachel Hollis


What her deal is: Best-selling author and motivational speaker reminding us to put ourselves first.

What is she getting at: This American author, blogger and speaker found her fame after sharing an Instagram photo of her stretch marks, and being proud of her body and what it is capable of. It went viral, with 10 million views, and grew her audience ten times over. She released her first book Girl Wash Your Face a year ago, and since them it’s held a top spot on most of the selling lists. In fact, it was the second-most popular book of 2018 for Amazon. Though there are no talks of when her next memoir or self-tip book will release, you can keep up with Hollis on YouTube, along with her 71,000 other subscribers.

Why you should care: She’s giving women the space and courage to call in to question their roles and places in society, and we need more of that.

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Jennifer Garner's Mom Once Made a Dollar a Day

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Growing up, Jennifer Garner’s mom didn’t have much. Patricia Ann Garner’s family lived on an old farm and she earned only a dollar a day babysitting. Despite her mom’s financial struggles, Garner says the woman was determined to change her fate with hard work and resilience.

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