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Top 5 Habits of Professional Athletes

Top 5 Habits of Professional Athletes

There is a certain mindset that all successful athletes share. They have a need to become better and better, and this urge does not die away until they’ve become the very best at what they do. The following are the top habits of athletes who have achieved great success in their careers.

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Top 5 Habits of Professional Athletes

Staying Focused

For an athlete, it is very important to stay aware and be mentally present in the game. This requires sharp focus during all crunch times of the game. A professional athlete has the ability to effectively block out all distractions from his /her mind. They develop the habit of ignoring bothersome noise, whether internal or external, and the rejecting the fear of failure in order to stay focused on their goals.

We know it is easier said than done, and most of us have a tough time maintaining that laser sharp focus, but it is something that’s common in famous athletes. When you are competing at a professional level, you need to have great focus. 

Being Positive

It is crucial for an athlete to keep a positive attitude before and throughout the competition. Recruiters and coaches prefer athletes who give off positive vibes and carry positive energy within them, which also gets transferred to their team members. They smile in the toughest of moments during the competition and this is what keeps them strong and motivated throughout.

It is tough to stay positive in every situation, especially if you are struggling with an injury or have had a bad season. However, as an athlete you cannot allow negative thoughts to rule over you. To develop the habit of positive thinking, you can start keeping a gratitude journal where you list your blessings and write about things that you are thankful for.   

Visualizing Success

Successful athletes foresee their success before the game. They sit down to meditate, close their eyes, and imagine themselves scoring that touchdown or performing that slamdunk as the opposition watches in awe and the crowd goes wild. They see themselves achieving their goals with their mind’s eye, so when they are out there for real, it is nothing new for them and they end up doing it easily.


Great athletes perform cool-down exercises to compose themselves and loosen up. Unwanted stress will definitely affect your performance. Performing breathing exercises and listening to soothing music helps your mind and body to calm down and become prepared for the fierce competition ahead.


We are not kidding about this! You will always need to go the extra mile if you want to become a proficient athlete. You also need to perform a few stretching exercises that are crucial to gear your muscles up for the game. Warming up is always essential and can comprise of jogging, lightweight lifting and some stretching exercises that will prepare your body for the real deal. Brad Walker, author of Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility has also emphasized the importance of stretching and warm up exercises in his book. Stretching has many benefits for athletes and non-athletes alike including increased power, increase energy (less fatigue), increased coordination and increased blood flow. This 144-page book is the bible of stretching; provides 135 unique stretching exercises with pictures complete with step-by-step instructions on specific techniques.

Applying a few of these effective strategies in your everyday life and adopting the top habits of athletes will set you on the right track to becoming invincible.

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