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After Years Of Neglecting Her Health, She Took Charge and Lost 150 Pounds

After Years Of Neglecting Her Health, She Took Charge and Lost 150 Pounds

Adry Bella battled food addiction and struggled with her weight for years until one day in 2012, when she knew something had to change.

Adry Bella battled food addiction and struggled with her weight for years until one day in 2012, she noticed swelling on her legs and feet.

“Being in the medical field, I knew what those things meant and that I had to make a change immediately,” Adry explained.

At the time, she weighed 275 pounds.

She started experiencing excruciating pain

Not only did Adry experience painful swelling, but she also had constant headaches and excruciating back pain, that sometimes left her in tears.

She had neglected her health and body for a long time, admitting that Coke was her to-go drink at every meal and that she almost never drank water.

When I started seeing food as fuel and as eating to survive rather than living to eat, that's when I committed.

Adry Bella in Daily Mail

When she finally decided to transform her life and break the cycle of neglect, she started by walking a mile several days a week, cutting out sugary foods, junk and drinking plenty of water.

The commitment paid off

Within the first month of her journey, Adry was down 15 pounds.

I had done enough damage to my body, so I owed myself the repair. I didn't see my diet (health quest) as a sacrifice, I saw it as a road to recovery of an addiction I had developed with food.

Over the next 20 months, Adry lost 150 pounds naturally and remained consistent in her efforts to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, even after tragedy struck.

Sadly, Adry lost her first child, a daughter named Leah, in September 2015, after the baby was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder during pregnancy. 

It caused the baby girl’s kidneys and lungs not to develop properly and she passed away three days after she was born.

When she got pregnant again, she knew things had to change

As fate would have it, Adry became pregnant a second time and was determined to stay as healthy as possible. 

To keep herself motivated, she took to Instagram to share with other women how she dealt with weight gain during her pregnancy.

The first three months of my pregnancy, energy level was at zero. I was fatigued, exhausted, and nauseated all day.

“With every week, my belly got heavier and bigger and running became impossible because I was cramping which meant I had to modify my workouts and weight lifting exercises.”

Adry stuck to healthy foods and gained 20 pounds during her pregnancy, and as difficult as it was at times, she was thrilled to start a new chapter of her life with her son.

When you fall, you get back up

She went back to her regular fitness routine after Amir was born in 2018 and fell in love with life all over again.

Then, last summer, Adry gave birth to her third child, Elliot, and she’s still working on dropping her baby weight, even if it’s a little more challenging this time around.

“I’m focused and proud that I am committed to get back without giving myself a time limit. I want to be happy, healthy, and strong for my boys,” she said.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m dying to fit back into my size 3 jeans, but I will get there...just like I always have.”

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