Lauren Bruzzone has been active all her life but she decided that her old workout routine was not enough. Instead, she took it to the next level.

Lauren Bruzzonne has always had an active lifestyle, but it wasn’t until her late sixties that she stepped outside of her comfort zone to become a CrossFit enthusiast, and Instagram fitness star.

“This is not something I would have ever guessed I’d be doing if you asked me 15 years ago,” Bruzzone of Stamford, Connecticut told Good Morning America.  

[My friend] kind of had to talk me into it a little bit, but I figured I would try it and if I didn’t like it I would stop.

Lauren Bruzzone

“It’s just a little bit more intense but I’m still doing it and enjoying it,” she continued.

She never stopped being active

Bruzzonne, a former attorney, is no stranger to fitness. The now 73-year-old practiced ballet and yoga for most of her life, and later turned to group workout classes up until she was 67.

Itching to try something new, Bruzzonne joined a CrossFit and training gym, and started working with Wesley James, a certified personal trainer.

She fell in love with the intense workout program and took the Instagram fitness community by storm after her trainer, James, started sharing videos of her workouts online.

Clips show her doing burpees, 165 pound deadlifts and flipping tyres.

Her ultimate goal? To master pull-ups. Not only did she crush her goal, but still today she is determined to improve on her new skills.

The thing is, she doesn’t want to stop

“What makes Lauren so special is that she is still hungry for the grind,’ James said in an interview with Shape.

She doesn’t complain about anything, she’s always ready to go, she’s very sharp and loves the process of improvement. She makes my day every time I see her.

Lauren’s new passion took her to the Women’s CrossFit games (in the 60+ category), ranking 611th and 660th in the USA, respectively.

“I see the younger people doing heavier weights and I want to get closer to what they’re doing,” she said. ‘It’s more motivation for me to push harder.”

Her consistency is what keeps her going and while she recognizes the importance of pacing oneself, she encourages others to take up exercise no matter their age or fitness level.

“Every once in a while I take a day off, but I try to be there because when you’re older your body kind of forgets,” said Bruzzonne, “It’s just easier to be there.”

“I’m happy taking it slow,” she said. “At my age you don’t want to break anything. It takes too long to fix.”

There are no limits to what you can accomplish

Lauren’s incredible fitness journey really proves that when you set your mind to do something, there are no obstacles, whether real or imagined that can limit you.

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