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Twins Lose Over 250 Lbs Together  By Supporting One Another
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Twins Lose Over 250 Lbs Together By Supporting One Another

Shannon and Olivia Wilson lose over 250 lbs together by teaming up to support one another through radical weight loss transformations.

Some tasks are daunting and better achieved in numbers. There is strength in having someone by your side through the ups and downs of a journey. There are advantages to having consistent support while you take on similar obstacles and face specific challenges.

For the Wilson twins, they would only need each other to completely overhaul their lifestyles and embark upon radical health transformation journeys.

Shannon and Olivia, 26, lost a total of over 252 lbs between the two of them. According to Shannon, having Olivia by her side was crucial for her weight loss success. Shannon says, “We have both helped motivate each other along the way, I don't think I could have done it without Olivia.”

A tale of two sisters

The journey began when Olivia developed a back condition so bad that it required spinal surgery. It was at the stage where she needed assistance tying her own shoes, which was the wakeup call the twins needed.

The Wilson twins traded in their takeaway meals from fast food restaurants for healthier options and began daily workouts together at home.

Olivia lost 136 lbs and Shannon lost 121 lbs since making these lifestyle changes.

Of achieving her goals Olivia says, “I never thought I'd get near my target of a size 10 but clothes have been my motivation.

I have always dreamed of being able to shop on the high street.


Olivia’s words are relatable to so many who cannot find their size in many clothing stores. While designers are increasingly becoming more inclusive of all sizes, the reality is that that the fashion industry is not known for its inclusivity as of yet.

Olivia says, “by the time I was in my early 20s they never had anything that would fit my size. But now it feels amazing to be able to shop anywhere I want and feel like I look as good as the model wearing it when it arrives.”

The transformation changed their lives

Olivia reflects on the differences before and after the weight loss saying, “I can go to sleep at night now whereas before I used to struggle to breathe.”

People often take everyday things for granted from the ability to walk into a clothing store and buy something that fits to breathing while sleeping. These are everyday things that Olivia Wilson has now and she worked hard to get.

According to Shannon their transformations were definitely noticed by those around them. Shannon relays what it’s like to go through such a physical change that people can see saying, “people are shocked when they see us now, they tell us that we look amazing and that the difference in us is inspiring.”

Shannon says definitively, “We are immensely proud of each other and we are both so much happier.” 

While the results are remarkable, losing over 250 lbs between the two of them was not always an easy task. Olivia speaks on her mindset prior to the weight loss admitting, “you sort of lie to yourself by covering it up and denying to yourself how big you really are.” 

Olivia continues recounting the change her transformation has made in her life.

I would never wear jeans or anything tight, it would always be leggings with a big dress and cardigan.

Olivia Wilson

But after her surgery Olivia started making healthy lifestyle changes, which had an influence on Shannon. Shannon says, “When I saw how much weight Olivia was losing after her surgery, I knew it was time for me to make some changes as well.”

Shannon continues, “The first time I stepped on the scales I just sat and cried all night, I had been in denial about my size for a long time and it hit me hard.”

They committed together--and won together

While it can be difficult to face hard truths, denial can only be a coping mechanism for so long, especially where your health is concerned. The Wilson twins moved in together during lockdown and created a meal plan together transforming their favorite meals for healthier substitutes.

According to Shannon, “Since May we have done exercise everyday.” Of their workout evolution Shannon says, “We started off doing workout videos together but then we started learning the moves that we liked best or that we felt were most effective and now we have our own little workout routine that we do together.”

Putting in work yields the results, it’s just that typically no seed that is planted blooms in the same day. A healthy lifestyle change is about emotional wellness as well and not just literal physical changes.

Perhaps Shannon says it best when she says, “it's about breaking that emotional bond with food, having things in moderation and learning portion control.” Many of us possess an emotional bond with food. There is a great comfort in knowing not only that you are getting a meal but that it is hopefully a good one at that. However, as with all things, moderation is typically the best policy and according to Shannon Wilson the same applies here.

With the right support, you too can achieve your goals

Olivia and Shannon both needed to change their lives and they did it. They took on the task of revitalizing their relationship with food and exercise and took control of their situations. They both individually put in the effort and together they both individually yielded the results.

There is no rulebook for achieving goals. Some tasks are better tackled solo and some require outside support. Recognizing which one is which is a skill we master throughout life. However, when it comes to overhauling your lifestyle and substituting negative habits with positive ones, sometimes we need all of the help that we can get. How you design your path to success is up to you. As long as you prioritize yourself along the way, you can add any genuine team member to your path.

For some, the mirror on the wall is enough, but for Olivia and Shannon, they found a mirror in each other as well. The Wilsons may be twins by birth, but they are taking this journey together by choice. Carefully choose those you want to help tackle your obstacles and achieve your goals. There is after all strength in numbers, and for the Wilson twins the key number in the success of their transformation journeys was “two.”

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