Marc Walsh never thought he’d see his wallet again.

Losing your wallet is stressful. In addition to losing any cash you may have had in there, you typically keep credit cards, IDs, health cards, and other necessities within it as well. Canceling and replacing those cards can be a giant hassle.

Luckily, what is lost can indeed be found again, when people with a good heart happen to get involved.

A Devastating Loss

man holding his wallet

One weeknight, a veteran named Marc Walsh lost his wallet outside of a grocery store in Detroit. He was devastated when he realized it was gone because he’d been facing some financial challenges.

“Being unemployed and a disabled veteran it’s difficult for me to find work,” he explained to QC News. “So the money that I do have, I really needed it a lot, and so I was heartbroken to have lost my wallet.”

He considered the item gone for good and didn’t bother reporting it to authorities. The next day he planned to start the process of replacing his cards when he received a surprising call from his roommate. Someone had tracked him down and returned the wallet, with everything still inside.

“I pulled over on the side of the road and started crying, I was so happy,” Walsh recalled.

Doing the Right Thing

Walsh was curious about who returned his wallet, so he checked out the surveillance on his front door camera. What he saw shocked him. Two girls had found the wallet while walking to school, and once they opened it, they immediately tracked Walsh down to return it.

At first, Walsh didn’t know who the girls were. But with help from local media, he was eventually able to identify 14-year-old twins Makhia and Makyla Vincent.  

“Basically you have to do the right thing… we knew we needed to return the wallet to the rightful person,” the sisters explained to LightWorkers. “That would be wrong to take someone’s wallet, especially when you know who the rightful owner is, and where you can find them.”

According to the sisters, they also felt a connection with Walsh because their grandfather was a vet. As for Walsh, he was incredibly thankful. He rewarded the sisters with the cash that had been in the wallet as a thank-you for doing the right thing.

“With children like that in our world, I have a lot of hope for the future. Honestly, it’s just really truly heartwarming,” he added to LightWorkers.

Teaching the Next Generation

This heartwarming story is even more so when you consider that two kids returned the wallet. As Walsh said, it just restores your faith in the next generation and in good people doing the right thing. It also reiterates the importance of teaching our kids kindness and not jumping to conclusions about who we think they are.

Kids model behavior and are more likely to take lessons from home out into the world than we sometimes think they are. So, by showing them how we also lead with kindness and love and by always trying to do the right thing ourselves, we can help instill those values in children early on.

At the end of the day, kids are the future. And it’s stories like these that just restore our faith in the goodness of people, despite the bad we may sometimes hear.