One Uber driver was moved by her customer’s story.

An Uber driver from Buffalo, New York, is going viral for a random act of kindness towards a woman she met while driving.

Lamiyah Jabbar, who drives for Uber in her spare time, picked up a woman who was going to work at Tim Hortons one morning. Later that day, she went back to where she dropped her off with a surprise.

How a Woman Opened Up to Her Uber Driver

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During the drive, the woman opened up to Jabbar and told her that because she takes care of her grandchildren, and she doesn’t have money left over to buy stuff for herself.

“She was hoping to be able to get a new dress for church and a robe and house shoes for Christmas,” Jabbar told CBS News.

“And during the conversation, I couldn’t help but think, ‘I’m someone who doesn’t have to wait until Christmas for something as simple as a robe, house shoes and a new dress,'” she said.

Jabbar didn’t want the woman to have to wait either. After learning her first name – Diane – she dropped the woman off at work. Then, instead of picking up more passengers, Jabbar took a break from working and went to the mall.

How an Uber Driver Surprised Her Customer

She bought a $50 Visa gift card and a dress from Old Navy that she thought Diane would like. Then, she returned to the Tim Horton’s drive-through.

Jabbar said she loves doing random acts of kindness whenever she can but she doesn’t usually record them. This time, however, she wanted to capture the expression on Diane’s face.

When Jabbar pulled up, Diane didn’t immediately remember her but Jabbar reminded her that she had given her an Uber ride to work earlier that morning.

“Oh, yes!” Diane replied.

How One Uber Driver Displayed the True Meaning of Christmas

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Jabbar told Diane that she went out and bought her a church dress after their conversation and Diane couldn’t believe it. “Oh, you’re so sweet,” she said from the drive-through window. “Thank you so much! This has been such a horrible day. You just made my whole day so much better!”

Jabbar posted the video on her Instagram account with the following caption: “This was on my mind from the moment she got out my car, so I had to contribute can u imagine waiting till Christmas just to get a robe, house shoes and an outfit for church, we tend to take things for granted, but why not help someone else if u can.”

Uber was proud of the driver.

“Drivers like Lamiyah are the heart of our service, and we’re inspired by the things they do every day to help riders and strengthen their communities,” the company told ABC News in a statement.

The video of Jabbar surprising Diane at the drive through window has been viewed more than 18,000 times.

It serves as an example of how one small act can brighten someone’s day and how if you listen, there are ways you can step up and help those around you — even if you just met them that morning.


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