When a kind waitress saw a mother holding her baby in one arm while eating with the other, she lent her a hand.

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Nicole Kindhart was on her way to Disney World with her baby when she stopped at the Cracker Barrel in Lake City, Florida to grab a bite.

What One Cracker Barrel Waitress Did for a Tired Mother

woman kissing her baby
Photo by Anna Shvets

As she often does, Nicole was holding her child with one arm while eating with the other. Her waitress, Charmin, noticed and offered to hold him while Nicole finished her meal.

“Every day I hold a baby in one hand and eat with the other, but it’s not every day that I have a waitress offer to hold my baby so I can eat,” Nicole said in a post.

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Nicole agreed and enjoyed her meal with both hands free. Charmin continued to wait on her other tables while holding the cute baby.

“Then, she proceeded to still walk around to the other tables (with my baby) doing her job, asking if they needed anything, etc. It’s not like it was a down time, either: this was busy lunch time. Everyone loved it; it was the sweetest thing,” Nicole continued.

Nicole went on to express that “hospitality is still very much alive” and how grateful she was for the act of kindness that made her day.

“We’ve driven through seven states between yesterday and today on our way to Disney and have been cooped up in the car. This was our first in-restaurant sit-down meal. You didn’t know any of that, yet still extended a warm welcome. Thank you! God bless!” the post said.

By holding her baby, Charmin allowed Nicole to get some much needed rest and a chance to recuperate. Nicole won’t forget about this kind hospitality any time soon.


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