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90-Year-Old War Hero Goes Back to School  Reminding Us Age Is Just a Number
Uplifting News

90-Year-Old War Hero Goes Back to School Reminding Us Age Is Just a Number

Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks!

In a heartwarming story that captured the attention of millions online, 90-year-old Paul Hocheder from Maryland embarked on a new adventure by returning to college.

His granddaughter, Gabrielle Remington, shared his journey on TikTok, where it quickly became a sensation.

From Soldier to Scholar — Why This Grandfather Is “Up for the Challenge”

black and white photo of a young man holding a baby
Paul Hocheder, 90, attended classes at Carroll Community College in Carroll County, Maryland | Gabrielle Remington / ABC News

It's one thing to take a gap year or two to "find yourself," but Paul Hocheder's is one pupil who's giving "mature student" a whole new meaning. Considering his age, many people doubted whether or not this was a challenge Hocheder was ready to take on, but the decision to return to college wasn't met with surprise by Remington.

She knew exactly the kind of man her grandfather was.

"He told me, 'I think I'm going to go back to college.' And I thought, 'I'm not really surprised.' He loves learning," said Remington. "I was so excited for him to go back."

This wasn't Paul Hocheder first time on a college campus. The brave Vietnam War hero graduated from the University of Maryland in 1960, after serving seven years in military service!

His Inspiring Story Went Viral — “If He Can Do It, I Can Do It”

There's not much in this life millions of people can agree on, but when it came to Hocheder's heartwarming story, it was unanimous: viewers could not get over how brave this veteran was to trade retirement for textbooks, after a life well lived!

"I woke up the next day and there were 500,000 views!"

Gabrielle Remington

The first video of him stepping onto campus garnered over 4 million views, showcasing his contagious enthusiasm. Her video even included a hilarious soundbite to illustrate the awesome moment she captured.

Watch Gabrielle Remington's Video:


My 90 year old grandfather started college today! #90andstillgoing #collegefreshman #backtoschool

Gabrielle Remington's video was such a hit‚ she has since posted several follow up videos to keep fans updated on her grandfather's humorous takes on college life. From class participation to campus fashion, Paul Hocheder has been dubbed "Pappy" by TikTokers who are endeared by his story.

Leading by Example: How One Grandfather Inspired His Granddaughter

elderly man and his granddaughter wearing sunglasses
Gabrielle Remington / ABC News

Hocheder's journey wasn't just about personal fulfillment; it also became a catalyst for inspiring his granddaughter, Remington, to pursue her own educational goals.

"[He's] always been an advocate for education, and that's pushed me. I'm finishing up my degree now."

Gabrielle Remington

Witnessing her grandfather's unwavering commitment to learning motivated Remington to follow suit. His resilience and enthusiasm taught her the invaluable lesson that growth often lies outside of one's comfort zone.

The “Lesson” Learned? Embrace Lifelong Learning!

TikTok comment
Gabrielle Remington/TikTok

Paul Hocheder's story teaches us that it's never too late to pursue our passions or seek new challenges.

Regardless of age, we can continue to grow, learn, and inspire others along the way. His journey reminds us of the timeless value of education and the unlimited opportunities it presents, no matter we have been or where life takes us.

And don't forget to have fun on the way!

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