An open letter to love

Dear Love,

You are perhaps the greatest of emotions. Your presence and meaning intensify at the most significant moments in our lives either through joy or pain. When we commit our lives to those we love, as in marriage, when we become parents, or sadly, when we lose a loved one, be it by death or simple departure. You can drive us to make a purpose out of our lives.

People have died for you, people have sinned for you, people have used your name in vain. It is often said that it is you who makes the world go round. So as the pre-eminent emotion, the feeling of feelings, you must look upon me and my fellow men and women and be puzzled, disrespected, and shocked. When you view the current state of this world, you MUST wonder, “what have they come to”?

As you see the horrific things we do to each other and our planet, you have to feel forgotten. I understand, I am often ashamed, and on behalf of the world, I apologize. I sincerely apologize. I also think that I can explain, perhaps. I’m not a great sage, nor am I perfect by any means. I may know at least in part; some of what has happened.where has the love gone heart shape clouds

You see, over time, we have lost our way. We have made great, strides in technology over the last ten years alone. We can now do things that were once not only thought to be impossible but frankly, many of these things were not thought of at all!!

We can communicate instantly with countless devices – Yet we hardly talk and almost never listen.

We can get from one end of the planet to the other in record time – Yet we tend to move right past each other. We can prepare a hot meal in minutes – Yet we hardly sit down to eat together. We have multiple portable devices to read books upon – Yet we rarely read to each other especially our children

We have come so far and what has it all added up to? A world where instant gratification rules our very existence. The value in building something; ANYTHING of value ( a family, a marriage, a relationship with our children, a business that adds value the community and the lives of those in the community), has left us. If we don’t get something out of it quickly, we quit. Sad as it is, all hope is not lost.

There are those of us who still value hard work, family, and the reward of success earned. There are plenty who still know that love makes the world go round and that we are in need of you today. There are some of us who are aware that our media will more likely feature a story that focuses on the negative, rather than you. But it’s up to us to treat each other with you in our hearts, and I am here to tell you that there are still good people in this world. So don’t give up on us just yet. For within us is the potential to be, to give, and to have an amazing experience.