We love Will Smith and his amazing family for many reasons, from how funny and entertaining they can be, to how inspiring and motivational they can also be.

Recently Buzzfeed broke down a bunch of times this year that the family made the year even better, and here’s some moments we found uniquely inspiring!

When Will and Ellen recreated the Fresh Prince!

That adorably relatable time that Will celebrated after the Super Bowl!

When Will poked fun at himself filming action sequences

When Will did a parody of his son’s “Icon” video as a way of congratulating him on the huge streaming success

Jada, Willow, and Adrienne’s amazing Facebook real-talk video series, Red Table Talk…


When Will worked at Boots (why, again?) for a day and showed us he could be just like us


Will’s #InMyFeelings challenge!

That time Will amazed us by jumping out of a helicopter and streamed it on Youtube!


Will and Jada have an inspirational marriage, and part of the beauty is that they never take themselves TOO seriously. Like this time he made fun of her outfit!

When Will showed he is not too cool to learn a new thing, like salsa lessons with Marc Anthony!

When Will showed us the REAL story behind The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air