Even hard-working and powerful figures such as Will Smith deserve some downtime. 

And that’s exactly what the actor has been showing the world on Instagram. Over the weekend, he shared a video of himself having fun jamming with the Pandemix steel drum band in the Cayman Islands. 

While unwinding, Smith took the opportunity to do some personal reflection and shared his insights on Instagram stories. And we could sure all learn a thing or two from his post. Here are some key takeaways: 

  1. We are addicted to empty distractions

“I’m in the room, I’m finally by myself, it’s quiet, there’s no people around… I’m chilling,” said Smith. “I figured, let me go turn the news on, and then it dawned on me…news agitates me?” 

“It’s disruptive, I get aggravated. And I was like, nah. And then I felt this crazy urge that I couldn’t stop myself from going to turn the news on,” he continued, explaining that he felt like his mind needed the disruption. 

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So the next time you’re tempted to mindlessly scroll through your news feed, ask yourself if you are doing so because your mind is uneasy with silence and contemplation. As Smith said, “we actually have to cultivate a taste for peace.”

2. We need to learn how to choose our battles 

The actor mentioned the idea that there are people we constantly argue with — and that a part of us actually subconsciously craves the argument. 

“Well, stop. What happens is we actually get addicted to the argument, addicted to the agitation, addicted to the aggravation.”

If you find yourself getting aggravated by an interpersonal situation, try to take a step back and assess whether that particular argument is worth it. Yes, conflict is unavoidable and sometimes very necessary. Getting into debates and confrontations about insignificant everyday things is not.

3. Peace and stillness take work 

Staying still, sitting with your thoughts and avoiding unnecessary disruptions takes effort, and it can sometimes be uncomfortable. So think about it like a non-negotiable decision, pre-schedule some time to unwind, and leave your phone and other distractions behind. 

 “I just really made a decision with myself today just sitting in the Cayman Islands, that I’m going to be quiet, I’m going to be still, and I’m going to be alone. So, just for today let’s be quiet, be still, be alone,” said Smith. 

And if the video of the Hollywood star playing the drums isn’t enough to put a smile on your face, here he is showing off his Spanish skills and belting out “La Bamba” in a car, also teaching us not to take ourselves too seriously.