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Woman's Toxic Ex Returns Only To Ghost Her Again - And It's A Lesson For All

Woman's Toxic Ex Returns Only To Ghost Her Again - And It's A Lesson For All

One broken-hearted Redditor posted a sad tale in the relationship advice subreddit. Her story started two years after her ex had left her for another woman, completely blocking her.

He reemerged when they matched on dating app Hinge and put on the charm offensive. 

“He was saying things to me like ‘I love you and I’ll never leave you again’, ‘we’re gonna move in together’, and even jokingly proposed to me.”

While the words were nice to hear, she had her doubts.

"It made me feel weird because I don’t know how he could feel/say those things to me after years of not talking (especially after leaving me for another girl). I don’t know why he said those things and I’m thinking that it was just to bait me to get me into bed."

- Reddit author

Regardless, she then revealed that, shortly after, she went to his house and they hooked up. She added that "overall it was a good time and I was excited for him to be back in my life." The two exchanged sweet and promising texts.

Gone ghost

Unfortunately, the sparks were short-lived. The woman said that after their second meeting, he went ghost and stopped replying to her texts.

It left her hurt and wanting answers.

"I ended up asking him if I did something to upset him. He responded to that saying that he didn’t want anything serious with me and said he 'thought' he made it clear??, but wanted to still hook up with up me. "

She didn't want that but yet still she suggested they stay friends. He never replied.

As if that wasn't bad enough, he also gaslit her.

"He ended up calling me last night and I missed it and called him back. He hung up the call and texted me that he accidentally called me. This obviously upset me because I thought he actually wanted to talk to me."

With that, two years of rebuilding her life came crashing down.

"I had to put work into my mental health to get myself better, and now I feel as if it’s all in the trash, all the work I’ve done. I feel just as I did 2 years ago hurt, upset, and confused."

- Reddit author

Redditors respond with tough love

Comments flooded in from Redditors, both supporting the woman, but also delivering a strong dose of tough love.

As the brutal honesty continued, the woman realized it was just what she needed to hear.

Tough love 1
Tough love 2

Never sell yourself short

First things first: The man's sleazy and manipulative actions deserve to be rightfully called out for what they are.

However, the biggest disrespect in this story wasn't from the man but from the herself.

She lost control the moment she made her happiness dependant on someone else's words and whims.

While it's a painful way to learn, there's no more valuable lesson than loving yourself with all your heart before giving it to someone else.

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