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Woman Finds Husband's Secret IG Account, Feels Shocked For All The Right Reasons
Rachael and Tom Sullivan
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Woman Finds Husband's Secret IG Account, Feels Shocked For All The Right Reasons

Rachael Sullivan was shocked to discover an Instagram account with her husband's name on it. She was surprised even more when it turned out to be filled with recipes he made for her.

A secret account

Sullivan was on Instagram's "people you may know" section when she noticed an account with her husband's name on it.

"It said 'Tom Sullivan @MealsSheEats,' and I was like, 'Who is this 'she'?'" Rachael told Today.

When Rachael clicked on the photos, it became clear that she was the "she" referred to in the account. Each post featured photos of food her husband of four years made for her to help regular her hormones as she tries to get pregnant.

"I went to the doctor for a checkup and my hormone levels came back all whacked out and I had cysts near my ovaries," Rachael said.

"That's when I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. They recommend you do a gluten- and dairy-free diet, and Tom just went full force into it."

She shared her discovery on TikTok

Rachael went on to post a video to TikTok, sharing her discovery of Tom's secret account.

"Last week, I found out my husband had a secret Instagram account," the post begins.

"See I have this condition that could effect my fertility. So for the last year my husband's been helping me regulate my hormones through food so I wouldn't have to go on birth control 'cause I'm just trying to have little giants like him you know?"

Tom's inspiration

Tom loves being a home cook and was inspired by the book "WomanCode" by Alisa Vitti. The book shares recipes ideas for women to eat during each part of their menstrual cycle to regulate their hormones and Tom would add his own flare to the recipes when he made it for Rachael.

"An Instagram page just seemed like an easy place to organize [these recipes]," he told Today. "It was for when Rachael would say, 'Hey, what was that meal you made here,' or when friends would ask what Rachael posted on her Instagram and ask for the recipe."

"Tom knows more about menstrual cycles than most women do. And, I'm six months regulated right now, which is super exciting."

- Rachael

Gone viral

As a result of Rachael's viral TikTok post, Tom's Instagram account has skyrocketed from 69 followers to over 24,000. Meanwhile, the phrase "Last week, I found out my husband had a secret Instagram account" has also gone viral.

"I literally love this man so much," Rachael says at the end of her TikTok. "And there's nothing I want more in life than to just have his babies."

Two people make a baby

Making a baby is a two-person job, but for so long the business of baby-making was strictly for women to deal with. Not any longer.

Men may not be able to give birth, but there are ways they can give of themselves to help their partners along in the fertility and pregnancy process. Wondering how to do that? Just take a look at the sentiment behind @MealsSheEats for inspiration.

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