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Woman Quits Her 6-Figure Corporate Job to Become a Mechanic - And Its All Because of One Internet Search
Woman Quits Her Corporate Job and Follows Passion to Become a Mechanic
Uplifting News

Woman Quits Her 6-Figure Corporate Job to Become a Mechanic - And Its All Because of One Internet Search

One woman became a pioneer in the automotive repair industry.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘If you want things done right, you have to do them yourself.’

One woman in Pennsylvania made it her mission to help women everywhere, with their cars.

Why One Woman Decided to Become a Mechanic

woman pouring engine oil into her car
Photo by arvin latifi

Patrice Banks grew up with a single mother. They came from humble beginnings and were on welfare for most of Patrice’s young life. In a struggling household, Patrice was committed to shifting the dynamic

She graduated from LeHigh University with an engineering degree and began working a 6-figure job at DuPont shortly after. It was all looking great for Patrice, but something was missing. “I didn’t feel like I was making a difference,” Patrice said. “It was just coming to work, going to meetings. It was a rat race.”

Because of her upbringing, Patrice felt like she had a duty to empower more women in her community. She began to shift gears. When she was online looking for a female mechanic, she noticed there weren’t any.

“I remember the first thing that popped up was the top 10 stock images of female mechanics,” she said. She knew that other women go through the same trouble with male mechanics and wanted to make a change. 

While still working full-time at DuPont, Patrice enrolled in auto mechanic night classes. To no one’s surprise, she was the only female in any of her classes but she stayed true to her mission.

How One Woman Proved It’s Never Too Late to Pursue a Passion

After graduating, Patrice decided to quit her 6-figure corporate job to continue to pursue her passion. She got a job at a local auto shop and never regretted her decision. “I could be fifty and been like, ‘What have I done with my life?’” she said. “You can always get back money, you can’t get back time.”

Patrice continued working for the shop for 3 years before realizing her dream and opening up her own auto repair shop Girls Auto Clinic. At her clinic, Patrice and her team take women through the step by step process of repairing their car. They provide a non-judgemental environment that their clients love. “I don’t think cars, I think women,” Patrice mentioned.

There is one unique touch of service that the Girls Auto Clinic provides. While a client is waiting for their car, they can hang out in the shop and get their nails done. “We want women to feel like they can be themselves and just relax,” she said. Patrice is killing two birds with one stone and her clients couldn’t be happier.

Patrice came a long way from where she grew up. She didn’t have much privilege as a child and continued to push boundaries throughout her life.

Even in moments of doubt, she could always see the path that she was walking on. Her heart brought her to the right place to help the people she cares about. 

Patrice recognized there was an unfair dynamic towards women in the automotive industry. The only way could fix it was to do it herself!

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