Jackie Lang was worried her and her grandkids would end up homeless due to rent increases, until a knock on their door changed their lives.

Jackie Lang was struggling with rising rent prices when she received a notice that she was set for eviction in four weeks.

Her daughter, Shelley Duggar, couldn’t let that happen so she got resourceful and wrote a letter to FOX5’s Surprise Squad asking for help. She explained why her mom was deeply deserving of the assistance.

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Jackie Lang with her family
Jackie Lang’s Facebook

When she was younger, Shelley was in an abusive relationship and life was hard. It reached the point that her three daughters were going to be taken into foster care and separated. But the girls’ Grandma Jackie wouldn’t allow it; she adopted the three girls to keep their family together.

Jackie is on a fixed income and Shelley is on disability, but this wasn’t enough for a family of five. The rent of the home was straining with what little budget they had.

So, when Shelley learned about the eviction, she did all she could to repay her hero. Thankfully FOX5 News got her request and granted them a visit from the Surprise Squad.

After sitting down with both Shelley and Jackie, the representative from United Nissan handed them a box with their surprise: $5,000.

Jackie was completely shocked, and utterly grateful: “Thank you. Thank you. This is going to help a lot,” she told FOX5.

But that wasn’t all. The representative also announced that they would pay their rent for a year.

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Lang and Duggar cried and shrieked with excitement. This gift meant they wouldn’t have to worry about rent for twelve months, allowing them to put some money aside, look for a cheaper place or find other means to earn so they won’t have to face the same problem in the future.

After receiving the news, Shelley told her mother: “This is going to be life-changing for our whole family. Now we can live, mom. Now we can live life. We’ve been just existing these last years. “

Lang was there to help her family years ago, and now Duggar was able to do the same. Times get tough for everyone, but you never know when your good karma will help you make it to the other side.


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