You never know the struggles people are going through.

The holidays are a time for charitable giving, generosity, and paying it forward. However, after all of the presents and donations, people rarely have an opportunity to look back on the impact their actions actually had on the people they helped.

Beyond just financial help, there are lessons to be learned — not only for those who benefit from generosity, but also for those who dole it out.

One woman recently learned about the impact her own generosity had on a local family and the whole event changed her perspective on life. 

Why One Woman Left a Big Tip on a Small Order

Vivika, who works odd hours and regularly uses DoorDash to order in food when she doesn’t have the time or energy to cook, ordered a special meal for herself on Christmas Eve.

In the spirit of generosity, she decided to leave a bigger tip than normal — $100 on a $60 bill.

Feeling good about herself and her act of kindness, she enjoyed dinner a little bit more than usual that night. Then, she got an unexpected surprise.

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On Reddit, Vivika shared a note she found waiting for her from the DoorDash delivery woman. She posted it to the subreddit /MadeMeSmile, sharing the kind words and important lessons left behind by the driver.

The driver explained that she had recognized Vivika’s name on Christmas Eve, given that it is an unusual name in their area and she had delivered to her house many times.

She went on to explain that she had lost his job in the Fall, and was doing DoorDash to make ends meet. She had also decided to work on Christmas Eve just to pay for a tank of gas, and she was thrilled to have gotten more than she bargained for when she saw Vivika’s tip.

She expressed her gratitude and explained that she saw two lessons in her act of kindness, ones she passed on to her children. 

The DoorDash driver explained:

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“I told [my children] how important it is to be kind to others and generous when you can; that doing so could make someone’s day, and to never expect gratitude in return. However, I made sure that they knew to always show appreciation for others’ gratitude…”

Reddit users chimed in with positive comments, praising both the driver and the tipper for their respective good attitudes.

How One Woman’s Generous Tip Changed a Life

One user, donja77, said, “I love that you gave such a generous tip, but also that the dasher took the time to write you a beautiful note. It doesn’t take long to do something like that, and it means the world! Good on both of you!”

Another user, GayAlienFarmer, shared their own story of holiday cheer:

“My wife, daughter and I have a tradition that every year we go to iHop on Christmas Eve, early afternoon, like 1:30 pm, for a late lunch. We figure by then anyone with seniority has been sent home and the only people left either really need the money or are newbs stuck with a crap shift.

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We make an effort to make conversation with our server, learn a little about them, talk about how it sucks to be working but we’re glad they’re there because we’re hungry.

When we’re all done we leave a $100 tip. We try to get out of the restaurant before they find it so we can see their reaction. One guy chased us outside and asked if we were sure. Another girl cried. Most of the time they put their hand over their mouth or chest though. Either way it always feels good to spread a little holiday cheer.”

You never know what someone is going through but one thing is certain: kindness can turn even the darkest day around.