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Deaf Domino’s Employee Delivers Pizzas on Foot After His Car Breaks Down - In Return, He Gets a “Tip” of $12,000
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Deaf Domino’s Employee Delivers Pizzas on Foot After His Car Breaks Down - In Return, He Gets a “Tip” of $12,000

A car that broke down during delivery wasnt enough of an obstacle to prevent the pizza from getting to the customer who ordered it.

Domino’s Pizza customer Ashley Schafer ordered a pizza late one summer evening, and when it didn't arrive, she phoned the Domino’s location in Flint, Michigan directly to find out why.

How a Domino’s Employee Walked to Deliver an Order

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Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

They told Schafer that delivery driver Benjamin Houston’s car had broken down somewhere along his route and that he was deaf, which had them concerned about his welfare. As it turned out, Houston was on his way to Schafer’s house to deliver the pizza…on foot.

Schafer, who shared her story on Facebook, said that "her faith in humanity was restored by the pizza.”

“It (may) sound silly," penned Schafer, "but in a world currently in turmoil and full of hatred, there is such a bright light. It's Ben!"

To show her appreciation, Schafer created a GoFundMe page for Houston, which raised more than $12,000. "Because my family is struggling, I don't have the financial means to help in any way," Schafer told CNN. "Being able to do this...for someone who really deserves it makes me feel like I've accomplished something."

Schafer, 34, has two young daughters who were fast asleep on the evening of the order, leaving her housebound. “My husband works the third shift, so sometimes we have breakfast and eat together,” said Schafer. "Tonight I decided to order pizza for breakfast."

How a Domino’s Employee Proved the Importance of Dedication

The Flint resident checked her delivery app and saw the pizza left the restaurant at 11:24 p.m. When an hour passed, there was still no delivery and no pizza. “When my pizza wasn't delivered…I wondered what was going on,” she said.

With his vehicle broken down on the way to Schafer's, Houston had planned to wait for his coworker to pick him up. But he instead decided to deliver pizza on foot. "I don't like sitting in the car for too long doing nothing," Houston told CNN. “The area I live in is not safe for pedestrians, especially the deaf."

More than two hours after Schafer placed the order, Houston arrived at her house with the pizzas in hand. He apologized for the wait and she tipped him $20 for his trouble.

"Of course, it's more than pizza," Schafer wrote. "It's a deep understanding of responsibility, respect for self and others, and above all, unsolicited kindness."

After the intrepid delivery, Houston said he would do it all over again. He calls Schafer a "blessing" in his life. “I appreciate (Schafer) starting a GoFundMe so I can fix my car and never have to worry about it again.”


Domino’s Employee Delivers a $12 Order – But the Unusual Tip He Received in Return Takes Him by Surprise

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