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You Will Win (Motivational Video)

You Will Win (Motivational Video)

You Will Win (Motivational Video)

This Epic Motivational video will encourage you to change your mindset in order to create the will that is necessary to win the game of life. Created by RedFrost Motivation.


"I am your coach right now, I am your conscience. You're in a fight between will and skill. I say will first because that's what you are. You locked and loaded with skill. You're practicing every day, you're putting in your work You're buying everything, you're making investments You're living your dream, you're walking like your dream You're surrounding yourself around your dream, you got mentors - everything You're putting more work in. You got your skill. Now is the test of your will. It is a mindset thing you are in right now, it is a mindset thing, because your challenge. Your challenge ain't moving. Your mountain is not moving. You don't feel like you're making any progres. You are not physically moving when you see everything else around you, another people around you moving. You are not making progress, you are in a test of your will right now Because life says : it has a little more test for you  It is no different because we messed up  Because you fell off the way, and you did on alcohol, drugs, you're getting your whole life And you drug dealer, you've been to jail, one time, two times, three times And you're willing and want your dream to have and putting in your work  And nothing's happening yet  Every transformation always gets worse before it gets better  It is supposed to be that way When you embark this journey, you must know That it's going to go down before it comes up When it comes up, it is going to be so much higher than you've ever been  The action of making progress is progress  The push itself, the fight.. You get up and swing and miss - that is progress. You get up and you run ahead to what you want with everything you got and you miss that progress.  The effort of making the attempt is progress  It  must happen. They cannot do anything but move  You cannot do anything but make porgress  You're pushing and you're pushing and   you're pushing and you're pushing And you're doing everything right You're tired, you're exhausted And nothing's happening yet  That word. Is what you're waiting for.  Yet  Because I promise you. If you keep pushing  If you keep giving me all your effort It will happen You have to equipped mentally to endure this process Knowing what you're about to go into a step one Knowing its's a help for battle But a winnable one a one is achievable At the end of this race, guys, you're going to be more capable The first step guys is knowing it is a tough road As soon as you decide to stop looking for answers And other people and miracle somewhere down the yellow brick road And click the heel that you're a man And set your affections of things that are above You could have been free years ago All jealousy, all painingness, all unforgiveness All strife, all malice, all confusion All blaming other people for your mistakes You got till midnight to get rid of every poison that is hampering you Every inflexibility that is stopping your from what God is about to pour into your life Word beyond to you If you're going to another year and waste another year with the old mentality while somebody is in the hospital begging God for the opportunity that you have right now You'd better step into this moment


Coach Jae

T.D. Bishop Jakes


Interstellar Main Theme - Hans Zimmer

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