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Woman Is Forced to Have Fun With Sketchy Men on Bachelorette Trip  Then She Heard Voices Outside Her Door
24-Year-Old Trusts Her Instincts and Leaves Bachelorette Trip Early
Uplifting News

Woman Is Forced to Have Fun With Sketchy Men on Bachelorette Trip Then She Heard Voices Outside Her Door

It's all fun and games until your chained to someone's radiator!

*Featured image contains photo by Maksim Goncharenok and KoolShooters

We all have that one friend in our group. You know, the "cautious" one who toes the line of being a total wet blanket?

If you're racking your brain and can't for the life of you figure out who the resident "killjoy" in your friend groups is...then spoiler alert: it's you!

While being a bachelorette party's "buzz kill" does not seem like a badge of honor in the moment, one woman on Reddit is reminding us, that sometimes being the one with "gut instincts" isn't a bad thing.

In fact, it's a really important survival skill that you should never ignore.

Thankfully, this 24 year-old woman didn't. And even though she may have lost 5 friends in the least she still has all 5 fingers on her hand!

A Bachelorette Party in Italy Went Too Far

A 24-year-old woman took to Reddit to share her harrowing story of a bachelorette trip gone wrong — and no, we're not just talking about one wild night turned into a "I'm never drinking tequila again" origin story.

What happened next made a bad hangover look like a good day.

Strangers Approached Them to Come Party at Their House

Girl's trips can be really fun, but they can also be really frustrating. Getting a group of people to agree on anything is always difficult. Let alone 6 wine-drunk women in Italy?!

So sometimes, the easiest way to decide things like 'where to eat', or — whether or not to stay in a remote mansion in a foreign country with total strangers — is to leave it up to a vote!

Which is exactly what this bachelorette party did.

There were 6 girls in total on the trip and when they met a group of attractive locals who wanted to "party" with them — they took a vote.

Five of the women voted in favor of partying with these perfect strangers. But this one 24-year-old woman voted 'no.'

She shared on Reddit that she "felt unsafe."

“I Didn’t Trust These Men, Something Seemed Wrong.”

"...We met some young people, they invited us to a party. We went and danced and met more people.. the night kept going on longer and we were very far from our lodgings. These young men with 2 women in their group told us to stay with them for the night.. I wasn’t feeling this situation. It felt unsafe but the group voted and I was in the minority. They were all quite inebriated and it was hard to be the only sober person trying to get them to reconsider and get a cab and go to our lodgings. I didn’t trust these men. Something seemed wrong. But I was at a loss as I could not split from my group and didn’t feel safe separating from them in the middle of the night..."

Read Her Full Story Here.

Her Friends Didn’t Listen to Her Warning

In her anonymous Reddit post, this young woman shared how isolating it can be to be the "odd man" out.

She shared that unlike the bride-to-be she's not a "big drinker." That night they went out dancing, she was sober. Even though she wasn't drinking she was still having a good time.

But as the night went on, and these strangers approached them, she was instantly suspicious of their intentions.

She warned her girlfriends against going home with these men. But even though she was the only member of the group not intoxicated — none of them listened to her.

Instead they made her feel left out for not wanting to "have fun." They all decided they were going to go ahead, with or without her.

But the worst part was?

Throughout the evening they had traveled so far from where they were staying, this young woman felt trapped.

She didn't feel safe going home with these men...but she also didn't feel safe splitting from her group to take a cab back to their hotel alone.

“I Pretended to Be Asleep”

After she was pressured into staying the night, she couldn't help but stay up all night. She was too terrified to go to sleep.

That's when she heard the voices outside her door...

"We go to this house and settle in. In the middle of the night I hear attempts being made to enter our room.. the men entered even though we had locked the doors. I pretended to be asleep and the men were talking in Italian but it felt like they were checking on us and wanting to do something? They were quarreling with each other going back and forth it seemed. They ultimately left to argue outside.

I didn’t sleep the whole night. I texted my boyfriend and told him what was happening. And how I felt unsafe.

Next morning the group of girls I’m with decides we are going to stay another day because these men have offered to show us around. I didn’t want to get into a car with them because I found them creepy. There were women in their group but it didn’t matter. They seemed even more suspicious to me, being overly friendly. The whole morning I found the men staring at me a lot and also making some comments about my ethnicity - I am Korean and they could tell and it seemed that they were interested in me because of my ethnicity, asking me strange questions …including if I’m a virgin or not.. so in my head I could only think of perverted reasons for these questions because I thought these guys were sketchy and sizing us all up for some reason I couldn’t figure out yet.

My friends said I was having a language barrier issue and I probably misunderstood.. they were liking the attention of these affluent seeming guys who were going to get us on a yacht. My suspicions and concerns went unheard..."

Her Friends Were Furious When She Called Her Boyfriend to Rescue Her

The next morning she thought it was all over but it turns out it was only getting worse.

The next day the creepy men offered to drive the women back to their hotel...but not for the reason you'd think.

The strangers were trying ton convince the group of friends to cancel their hotel!

They told them to pick up their luggages and spend the rest of their trip living with them at their house! It didn't take long for this young woman to snap out of her people pleasing.

Enough was enough.

She wasn't going to stay in an scary situation just to appease her friends. And why should she? Just because they prioritized their fun over her safety...doesn't mean she had to! She told her boyfriend everything that happened and thankfully, he didn't hesitate to come to her rescue. Before she left, she gave the entire bachelorette party one last chance to come with her. Sadly, they all refused.

She ended up leaving the trip 4 days early...but in the end she didn't regret a thing.

In the End She Was “Right” — But the Bride Still Held a Grudge

It was later revealed to her by another friend on the trip that her instincts had been spot on all along.

She wasn't a "buzz kill." She was just keeping her wits about her — and everyone else could have taken a page out of her book.

However, she never heard back from her friend, the 32-year-old bride to be. They quickly fell out of touch and in the end, she didn't attend her wedding because of it.

Ultimately, while losing a friendship is always hurtful, it's important to remember that at the end of the day, we always have to put our safety first.

How One Woman Proved the Importance of Trusting Your Instincts

Even if this young woman hadn't been right about these strange men's intentions...she still would have done the right thing leaving the "party" early when she had...because for her it wasn't fun. It was over.

And that's ok. Just because we arrive together, doesn't mean we need to leave together.

The takeaway's pretty simple — we all have our own idea of fun. Some of us are adrenaline junkies who like living on the edge — sky diving sounds like a great Saturday afternoon! Some of us could literally not live farther from from the edge. We are safe, at home, with our cat and a good book and a warm glass of milk.

Don't be demanding and respect other people's boundaries.

We've all had that experience with a demanding friend...if you're racking your brain and can't for the life of you figure out who the resident "friendzilla" in your friend groups is...then spoiler alert: it's you!

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