Think you have years to figure it out all? Well, maybe you do, maybe you don’t. All we know is that there’s one kid out there who has it all figured out at 8 years old — and, in fact, is the biggest star on YouTube.

According to Forbes, 2018’s highest-paid YouTube star is an 8-year-old who reviews toys.

BBC also mentioned that this year’s ranking included internet celebrity and makeup entrepreneur Jeffree Star for the first time. Also topping the list with just over $21 million in earnings was Jake Paul, brother of Logan Paul (who ranked 10th).

A multi-millionaire at 8 years old

According to Forbes, in the last year, Ryan ToysReview has made $22 million. The kid has been making videos with his parents since 2015 (when he was just 3-year-old), and his YouTube channel has more than 17 million subscribers. That’s not all: Ryan recently launched a toy and apparel line at Walmart called Ryan’s World.

That should do a lot for his monetary standing as well.

And the key to his success? Well, Ryan was interviewed by NBC News, and his theory for his success is simply: “because I’m entertaining and I’m funny.”

We’re super happy for Ryan’s success, of course, but we’re a little jealous. Maybe he can do workshops for those of us in our 30s who still haven’t figured it out?