From the age of seven, Michael Crossland experienced an unspeakable amount of pain and heartache.

A young Michael had been diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma, an incurable form of cancer that gave him a limited amount of time left to live.


But his mother didn’t care how likely he was to die; she only wanted to know what chance there was of him surviving.

When doctors said “he will never go to sport, he will never play baseball, he will never, ever go to school, and if he reaches his teenage years, it’ll be a miracle,” she simply told Michael: “Everything’s gonna be okay, son.”

At the age of 12, Michael defied the odds by going to school and playing baseball, later landing a contract to go to the U.S. to play baseball like he had dreamed since he was a child.

However, that was when disaster struck. His life would never be the same.

Michael was running the bases during a game when he suffered a career-ending heart attack and woke up three days later. He’d never be able to play baseball again.

But he didn’t give up. Shortly after returning home to Australia, he took a job in banking. Within four years, he had become the youngest national sales development manager for one of the largest companies in the world, with a team of over 600 people, a big salary, expensive car, and had the ability to do something he wanted to do since he was a kid: pay back his mother with a new home

“I think that life is not about the amount of days that you live on this earth, but it’s about what you fit into those days that allows you to live a remarkable life.”

10 Lessons People Learned After Watching Michael Crossland’s Story of Strength and Survival

Michael’s story is one of not just survival but of the power of gratitude and believing in oneself.

Here are 10 inspiring insights people shared in the Facebook comments of Michael Crossland’s Goalcast video after watching his incredible story of strength and survival.

Comment in full: “It’s not about pie-in-the-sky, willful blindness to the perils that life can heap upon you. I had a front row seat when my 3.5 y/o son died after we ran out of treatment options to fight the brain cancer. It’s about what I do with every breath after that. My son got 1263 days. How many will I have? How about you? What will we do with the ones we’re granted? I acknowledge the searing pain but that simply is not everything. More can be made of the ashes. Life can come forth. Diamonds can be formed. But it will not just happen in the same way that pain and hurt finds us all. It must be sought after, mined and unearthed relentlessly. It isn’t a reflex and I’m not sure it can be taught to you by another but if you want it you can have it. God speed to all those who seek. #HeroesForHope”

Comment in full: “Thank you. I’ve had a rough week and as I sit here and cry while I listen to your story I am struck with the realization that everything IS going to be ok and I need to be more positive. I need to get my head out of my ass and put a smile on other people’s faces again. Life is far too short to be bitter and miserable. Thank you for reminding me of all the good that is available in this world and how easy it is to give and likewise receive. You are an amazing inspiration!”

Comment in full: “I take this as you can lay down and die, or keep living as best you can until your time comes…if you don’t have hope and love you have nothing. That’s what he is trying to say…we are all on the same journey, we just get off at different stops…enjoy the ride however smooth or bumpy it is.”

Comment in full: “Many have lived through some trying circumstances. I was having a bad day once, and a lady appeared in my office. We got talking and she told me her life story… Her story broke my heart. I asked how she managed to get through every day knowing the adversity that was behind and before her. Her answer… Always know there is someone worse off than you. Be grateful for everyday… Michael Crossland lives this well…. yes we all have the same air and nothing is guaranteed. Love each day, he has a great message.”

Comment in full: “He’s so blessed. I admired his beloved Mum. We must believe in ourselves and grow a mindset that beats all odds. I love his message ‘Do something today that your future-self will be proud of.’ May you beat those tumours again and live well and give more inspirational speeches again.”

Comment in full: “Cried my heart out, but I hear him, what will happen will happen. So be happy, be positive be hopeful that is all the toolbox you have. Enjoy the journey however short or long”

Comment in full: “I’m inspired and lost at this story. Teaches us a lot of life. His mother was a mother that despite the odds, instilled in her son Michael determination and not to quit living …… Michael has been able to give back in this life and now to be faced with mortality again. Good message to all to take something away from the powerful story and live life”

Comment in full: “Thank you for sharing this!! I really want to thank you! I really hope the best to you and all the best vibes! We forget how blessed we are to be here, we all have problems, is how you face them and stand up and keep going! I learned something right now! I want to live I want to be happy! Thank you Michael!”

Comment in full: “The sense in life is to live each day as a gift. There are no guarantee ‘s it’s all about ones out look .Difficult has that may be look at the glass half full verses half empty.”

Comment in full: “Well said Shaun, the most powerful medicine is you and your mind. As well as keeping immune system fed, don’t forget laughter love music. It all helps.”