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4 Habits to Help You Get 'Unstuck' and Multiply Your Happiness Levels
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4 Habits to Help You Get 'Unstuck' and Multiply Your Happiness Levels

Are you feeling stuck in life?

Maybe your business has stalled, your fitness routine is barely there or you are bored with the 40 to 60-hour grind at work.


It’s only natural. Humans were meant to progress and might feel stir crazy if you're in the same place for too long. As Tony Robbins always says, “Progress equals happiness.” And he’s right.

If you’re feeling stuck right now it’s probably because of two things:

  • You keep having the same thoughts over and over again
  • You keep having the same habits... which create the same thoughts

It’s not a virtuous cycle, and it can wreak havoc in your life if done enough over a long period of time. If you want more happiness and fulfillment, you have to set goals and start making progress towards them.

Remember, achieving the goal isn't the real win, but becoming the person who can achieve that goal is the real victory.  

Here are four ways to get unstuck, 10X your happiness, and start creating the life you deserve:

1. Create an empowering morning routineReasons to keep a journal - thoughts matter

A consistent, empowering morning routine is one of the most common habits of successful people, and it can change your life.

If you're feeling stuck, my guess is that you don't wake up each day on your terms. Instead of hitting snooze and rushing to work, take control of your morning with some of these powerful morning rituals.  

Write in a journal for clarity 

There are tons of reasons to keep a journal, but one of the most important ones is achieving clarity. Each morning, spend 5-10 minutes writing out your short and long-term goals in a journal. Try to create a vivid picture of what you are trying to achieve today, this week, and month. Getting pen to paper will help you think of new ideas, plan your days, and help figure out your most complex problems.

Before bed each night, write down one problem you can’t seem to solve so your subconscious can work on it while you sleep. Even though your conscious mind is sleeping, your subconscious is wide awake trying to help you achieve your biggest goals. 

Practice daily meditation

Meditation is another habit that helps you find clarity and focus when you’re feeling stuck. Whether you sit in silence or use an app like Headspace or Primed Mind, enjoy time with yourself. Even if you meditate or simply observe your thoughts for 5-10 minutes each day you can notice patterns and become more aware of your thoughts.

Visualize your goals as complete

Remember, if you’re feeling stuck, you aren’t making progress. You aren’t close to achieving your goals or might not even have goals.

Another great thing to do each morning is to imagine your goals as already completed. Spend a few minutes thinking about what it will feel like when you accomplish your goals. How will it feel, smell, and look like when your goal is achieved? The more detail, the better. 

2. Strive for continuous learning 

Remember, progress equals happiness.

If you want to move past your current funk, you need to do and try new things. Instead of sitting on the couch and binge-watching Netflix, replace some of that TV time with a book, podcast, or motivational video. When you are constantly learning, you are constantly growing and will never feel stuck!  

The easiest place to start is reading a book for 10-15 minutes each morning and night. Studies have shown that average person reads one book per year, but the average CEO reads 60 books in the same time. If you don’t love reading, buy the audio version and listen on the treadmill or on your commute to work.  

3. Surround yourself with positive peoplemental-strength-lessons-from-successful-people

Another reason you might feel stuck is that you are hanging out with the same people, day in, day out. That’s not a problem if they are inspirational, uplifting, and motivational but that is not always the case. Remember, the people you spend time with have a dramatic impact on your mood, performance, and motivation levels.

As Tim Ferris said, “You are the average of the five people you associate with most, so do not underestimate the effects of your pessimistic, unambitious, or disorganized friends. If someone isn’t making you strong, they’re making you weaker.

If your inner circle isn’t helping you, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Surround yourself with like-minded people by joining local meetups, Facebook groups, and attending seminars.

4. Do something radically different


Sometimes you need to shock your system. Remember, being stuck is caused by the fact you are in a habit loop of doing the same things over and over again. Do something that will totally shock your system and help get you out of your funk.

This could be something small like a new workout routine, morning yoga or early morning run. Or, it could be something big like an unexpected vacation or bucket list item like skydiving. The important thing is that you put yourself in a new environment, try new things, and create new experiences.

Take action today

If you want to get out of your funk and 10X your happiness you need to take action.

Action cures imperfection.

Action ends suffering.

It might be uncomfortable, and it might require you to get out of your comfort zone, but that's okay. You should want to change your habits, routine, and environment to create feelings of pleasure, happiness, and fulfillment. Cherophobia is real, and overcoming it is totally doable.

The biggest thing you can do is to constantly make an effort to always be growing and developing. Most people feel stuck in life because they’ve stopped growing in one or several areas. Progress in any area of your life will equal happiness. 

While achieving goals are great, it’s the journey and who you become that is the truly fun part.  

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