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5 Mental Techniques To Improve Your Time Management

5 Mental Techniques To Improve Your Time Management

Of course, you want to become better at managing your time. Who doesn’t, right? Like most people, however, you’ve probably been struggling. Chances are that the reason that’s true is because you’ve been focusing on the wrong things.

You see, time management isn’t just about changing your behavior. It’s about changing your mental attitude as well. Time management is about having the right attitude and then the rest will flow from that quite naturally.

Today I’d like to show you five techniques that’ll help you manage your time better.

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5 Mental Techniques To Improve Your Time Management

Decide To Become More Efficient With Your Time

You’ve got to decide to become an expert in time management. More importantly, you can’t wait to become an expert, as that is once again giving into the wrong mindset and will lead to further procrastination. It’s something that you have to decide at this moment.

The goal is to become so efficient with your time that other people will sit up and take notice. From there, you can break the bad habits and become their role model. Your enthusiasm about how you live will make sure you continue to live that way.

Use Positive Affirmation

The second step is to continuously use positive affirmation. The idea is to say positive statements about yourself (this can be out loud or in your own mind) with the enthusiasm and emotional content to actually drive them into your subconscious mind.

From there, your subconscious will learn and use these positive statements to deal with the world.

The most effective way to do this is to repeat them to yourself over and over again. These can be such statements as "I’m excellent at time management" or "I know how to manage my time effectively and efficiently."

Any such statement if repeated with belief, faith, and acceptance will become a part of your internal programming. It is simply a matter of repeating it often enough and with enough conviction.


The third step to becoming a time management machine is to use visualization. The trick here is to visualize yourself as you wish to be as completely as possible. If you can do this often enough, then the person that you are on the outside ends up being the very person that you visualize in your mind.

So, you want to visualize yourself as somebody who is well organized, efficient and capable of using their time in the best possible manner. Then you will finally transform and become that person.

Again, the clue here is to visualize yourself completely. Don’t just have a vague notion of what it would be like, but go through the actual steps of being that person and doing those things.

This will once again move through the barrier of your conscious to your subconscious mind and make you become the person you imagine yourself to be.

Another strategy that will work well is to dive into memories where you behaved in an efficient and effective manner and moving through those again and again. This will reinforce the lessons that you learned from that moment in time and strengthen the effect they have upon your life.

Create The Perfect You

You can take the visualization technique further by taking time in your day to create this visual image and focus on it as much as possible. Lie down in a quiet place and try to visualize how you would be effective with your time.

Then visualize how this would make you feel and how it would impress the other people around you.

Note that this second step is vital as it is here that you create a positive association with being better at time management. If you can, include sounds, smells, and tactile sensations, as this has been demonstrated to make the visualization far more effective and influential on your subconscious mind.

Pretend You're Already Excellent

And finally, use the power of pretend to help you excel at time management. Instead of being you, imagine that you are a character in a movie or a play that absolutely excels at time management.

Then, as you go through your day, instead of being you, imagine yourself being this actor who is playing this effective and efficient part. The very act of pretending to be this actor that is very much like you but much more effective with their time will actually make you far more effective with your time.

It’s as easy as that!

Last Words

All you’ve got to do is keep going and sooner or later you’ll find that you are more efficient in your time management. Note that you might slip up on occasion. When this happens, don’t spend a lot of time hating yourself.

After all, that’s not an efficient thing to do. Use your time better by instead your time letting it go and promise yourself that you’ll do better next time.

This will help you make better use of your time, will reinforce the idea that you’re good at time management in your mind and – last but not least – will serve to make your life so much better.

And that’s all there is to it. Good luck and good time management.

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