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Her Son’s Dying Wish Was to Have a Child — So This Famous Spanish Actress Made His Dream Come True Herself
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Her Son’s Dying Wish Was to Have a Child — So This Famous Spanish Actress Made His Dream Come True Herself

"I am going to call my first daughter Ana, like you, mommy."

There is nothing like the eternal love and compassion parents have for their children in this lifetime.

So, when Spanish actress and television presenter Ana Obregón ,68, fulfilled her late son’s wish of becoming a father, she displayed the importance of selflessness and coming through on a heartwarming promise.

The actress, who is known for her performances in A las Once en Casa and Ana y los 7, told Hola! magazine that the bundle of joy she recently welcomed into the world with the help of a surrogate is not her daughter.

It's her granddaughter, who happens to be the daughter of her son Aless Lequio, who passed away from cancer in May 2020 at the age of 27.

Obregón’s Son’s Death


Obregón noted that when the baby grows up, she will let her know how much of a "hero" her father was and how she should be so proud of who he was.

The baby—who is named Ana Sandra Lequio Obre—was born on March 20 in a Miami, Florida hospital.

The celebrity revealed that her son Aless was diagnosed with cancer and decided to freeze his sperm before he started chemotherapy.

And in a touching September 2022 Instagram post, Obregón shared a series of images honoring the memory of her son and the trials he endured as a result of his diagnosis.

"You had been fighting cancer with courage and a smile for 7 months: 30 chemo sessions, 30 radiotherapy, and hundreds of hours in the hospital. I was just holding your hand admiring every second of your bravery," she wrote, in part.

The Touching Conception and Birth of Baby Ana

Obregón said the whole process of conceiving her dear son's baby was made the very day he transitioned into "heaven."

She also revealed that her son's last wish was to have a child and how he informed both her and his father, Alessandro Lequio, a week before his passing.

Wanting to do what it takes to fulfill her beloved son's dream, Obregón preserved her son's samples in the United States to get a U.S.- based surrogate.

The reason for this is that surrogacy is illegal in Spain, Reuters reported.

Despite some of the criticism she faced in her home country, she is moving past as her goal was to "fulfill the mission of bringing Aless' daughter into the world."

Baby Ana is legally Obregón's daughter and will have both U.S. and Spanish citizenship. 

Although the process could have been smoother sailing due to the legalities, she knew how much this meant to her son.

In August, she discovered the baby was conceived and that it was a girl in December.

Obregón also said her son adored babies and would be delighted when he saw them.

"He told me: 'I am going to call my first daughter Ana, like you, mommy,'" she recalled.

The Future for Baby Ana, Parenthood and Beyond

(The Guardian)

Obregón noted that she is not shying away from having more grandchildren via surrogacy, revealing her son wanted five kids.

She further said that she felt she "failed" her son because she couldn't "save" him from his battle with cancer. However, bringing swearing with her "life" to bring baby Ana into the world was something she was able to do proudly. 

Additionally, Obregón has shared other adorable and touching photos paying homage to her son and praising her granddaughter.

"And you, my Anita, I will take care of you and protect you; you will never lack my immeasurable love or anything economic," she wrote on Instagram.

"Thank you, my Anita, for giving me back to life."

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