Andy Frisella – Live and Learn

On Lewis Howes podcast, Andy Frisella opens up about the life threatening event that led him to view the world in a better way and see the silver lining in a horrible situation.


Andy: And he stabbed me here –

Speaker 2: Oh my gosh.

Andy: And he was trying to stab me in the throat. So, like you could see it here a little bit.

Speaker 2: He came from behind and tried to like –

Andy: Yeah, and so I turn around then he stabbed me here, here, and then in the back.

Speaker 2: Wow man.

Andy: I ended up like choking on my own blood and like falling on the ground and I mean, it was pretty brutal stuff. The last thing I remember is riding to the hospital in the ambulance, before I passed out, the nurse, or the EMT saying in the radio, “I can’t stop the bleeding, I don’t know how to stop the …”, she’s like freaking out, and I’m like oh, dude, I’m gonna fuckin die, I’m dead.

Speaker 2: Where do you think you’d be if you didn’t give them that fight that night?

Andy: I don’t think I would be here. You know what I mean, because it was that impactful on how I see my whole world view that I just don’t know what could have … That’s why I say, like I actually look back now, and I’m like, dude, that happened for a specific reason. It got me focused on business. It got me focused on the path I am now. I certainly wouldn’t … Honestly, I tell people all the time, I think it’s the best thing that ever happened.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Andy: And dude, those things are the things that are gonna teach you what to do when things go wrong. How to react. They’re gonna give you your strength. They’re gonna give you your competitive advantage, and people spend so much time trying to seek the comfort that society tells us we have to have. They say, oh, well get a safe job and marry and have 2.5 kids and do all this shit that like is considered safe, and people seek the path of least resistance, and by doing that, they avoid all these things that could potentially end up making them so much more fulfilled, impactful and all the great things that make people, quote, unquote, successful. Not just financially, but in any area. Be okay with failing man. Be okay with doing things and learning lessons. Welcome those things.

Speaker 2: Yeah.