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Young couple posing together and a candlelight dinner on a pier.

Husband Surprises Wife on Anniversary With Ironing Board

Instagram/ @ashleyolsonphoto
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Man Drives 5 Hours to Surprise Wife on Their Anniversary - With an Ironing Board

This woman found a man who will always surprise her.

After a decade of marriage, it may be hard to surprise your spouse with new things. But one man proved surprises are possible when he drove five hours to deliver a special gift to his wife on their 10-year wedding anniversary.

Humble Beginnings

A woman named Ashley Olson had to share the story of her 10-year anniversary with her followers on Instagram after her husband delivered the ultimate surprise. But before she could get into the surprise, she first had to explain what happened on their wedding day.

Ashley and her husband married on April 4, 2014. She was 23, he was 25, and they didn't have much money between them. They married at the courthouse while it poured rain outside. Afterward, they celebrated by hitting up the Taco Bell drive-thru.

“When we got back to our cheap lil motel with our food, we realized our room didn’t have a table or chairs,” she wrote. “So Willie unfolded the ironing board in our room and made a makeshift table.”

An Anniversary Apart

Fast forward to 2024, and this couple hit a milestone: the 10-year anniversary. The big day happened to fall on their kids’ spring break, though, and because they had done a big Euro trip in 2023, they decided not to really celebrate the occasion.

“I took the kids to my parents while he stayed home to work on our house and the land,” Ashley explained. But on April 4, as she was putting the kids down, Ashley noticed something flickering at the end of her parents’ pier. She went down to investigate what it was.

“Willie drove five-plus hours to surprise me so we could spend our 10 year together,” she wrote with three crying-face emojis. “He literally brought our ironing board, a tablecloth, candles and Taco Bell,” she continued.

“We laughed, cried, ate our food, drank cider, and danced to our wedding song at the end of my parents’ pier,” she added.

“Tbh, I’m still in disbelief and still sobbing,” she wrote in the caption. “10 years + 2 kids later this man still pursues me, still dates me, and still surprises me. Cheers to more DECADES + dinners on the ironing board!!!”

All You Need is Love

The really beautiful thing about this story is that it reminds us that love is free. You don’t need to have a big, fancy wedding to have a special day, nor do you need to shower each other with lavish gifts to show that you care.

Sometimes, it’s the meaningful gestures, the dances in the rain, and the dinners on the ironing board that truly make a relationship special. At the end of the day, love is what matters, and everything else is extra. Remembering that when times get tough, or you’re starting to compare your relationship to someone else’s is essential.

After all, your love is what’s special and the only thing that counts.

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