Claudia Magalhaes sits down in a barber’s chair where her son, Guilherme, does the ultimate act of solidarity.

Cancer treatment is an uphill battle that can break down even the strongest individuals. While going through your hardest times, the support received from family can pull you through to the other side.

Recently, a barber’s sweet gesture while shaving his mother’s hair before she started chemotherapy has left many people emotional.

What One Barber and His Colleagues Did for a Customer

The barber posted the video of this gesture to his Instagram which has since gone viral, tallying over 4 million likes.

In the video, Guilherme Magalhaes, a barber working at the Barbearia Entre Amigos shop in the Brazilian municipality of Presidente Epitácio is seen shaving his mothers hair prior to her chemotherapy treatment.

His mother, Claudia, was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer a few years ago. Claudia recently had to resume treatment. Due to the chemotherapy making her hair eventually fall out, she chose to have it all shaved off beforehand.

Claudia is clearly emotional watching her hair fall to the floor. As he moves the razor through her hair, Guilherme is seemingly light-hearted and trying to get Claudia to crack a smile.

Seeing his mother tearing up in his chair, Guilherme acts in ultimate solidarity. He takes the razor to his own head and begins shaving himself bald. Claudia tries to stop him but Guilherme seems to laugh it off as if he is saying, “Oops, too late!”

Next, Guilherme’s colleague, Fernando Brito approaches the chair and asks for the same haircut. Guilherme pulls the razor through Fernando’s full head of hair. Watching through the mirror, Claudia gets emotional and begins crying. Fernando gives Claudia a pat on the back as she wipes away a tear.

Following Fernando, another one of Guilherme’s friends, Deeh Winchester asks to join the club. At this point, we see Claudia laughing through her tears. He finally got her. When sharing the clip, Guilherme wrote in the caption, “I love you. No words to describe you, brothers Deeh Winchester and Fernando Brito.”

How Her Family’s Support Helped One Woman Get Through Chemotherapy

In a photo Fernando shared to his Instagram of him, Claudia, Guilherme, and Deeh with their shaved heads, he wrote in the caption: “No obstacle will be big if your will to win is bigger.” Claudia has a tough road ahead of her, but luckily, she also has a mountain of support.

In an interview with a Brazilian news outlet, Guilherme mentioned that it had all been spontaneous. “My own friends didn’t know, it was something very spontaneous and it reverberated in a good way,” he said. “At the time she was very surprised and then it became something exciting for her.”

After the video was posted, users flooded the comments hailing Guilherme and his friends. One user commented, “This is the most beautiful support. I played this video for my children to show them this kindness.” Another commented, “Best video I’ve seen today.”

Chemotherapy is no small task. Claudia was emotional that day because she had been through it before and hoped to never again have to. Although it’s an uphill battle, her family’s support will carry her and give her strength when she needs it most.

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