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Cancer Survivor Finishes Chemotherapy Treatment - What Her Husband Did Next Completely Stuns Her
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Cancer Survivor Finishes Chemotherapy Treatment - What Her Husband Did Next Completely Stuns Her

A Nebraska-based husband treated his wife to a majestic surprise after she completed her chemotherapy cancer treatment: 500 roses.

The common number associated with roses is a dozen. Often used to represent perfect beauty or to express complete love and gratitude, a bouquet of twelve roses is synonymous with the definitive symbol of true love.

Since that's the case historically and societally, what would it mean to multiply that by more than 40?

A husband from Nebraska went above and beyond to do something remarkable for his wife, in celebration of her last chemotherapy treatments: he raised money and surprised her with a whopping 500 roses.

How Brad Bousquet Orchestrated a Spectacular Display of 500 Roses

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(Courtesy of Brad Bousquet)

Brad Bousquet surprised his wife Alissa as family and friends delivered 36 vases of multi-coloured roses to her at the Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center in Omaha after her last round of chemo.

In a Facebook post describing the surprise — which has since gone viral — Bousquet says he was secretly texting Alissa's friends and family to help orchestrate the bountiful surprise.

The roses sold for $10 each, with all proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.

How about that? The Bousquet Bouquet.

He Credited Alissa's "Strength, Courage, and Positive Attitude" Through It All

"Holy moly, holy moly!" exclaimed Alissa as the bouquets kept pouring in, "that is insane!"

In the Facebook post — which has been viewed more than 500,000 times — Bousquet credits his wife's "strength, courage, and positive attitude" throughout the entire treatment. At the time, she still had a few minor surgeries to complete but he expressed that completing chemotherapy was a "huge milestone in her journey."

Bousquet said he got the idea of showering his wife with flowers to celebrate the end of her chemo and to share the "tremendous love and support she has from her friends and family."

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He also opted to honour her fight against cancer by providing a donation in her name towards breast cancer research.

After admitting he was "secretly texting" friends and family members, Bousquet had arranged their local flower shop to take orders. He says he was amazed when the orders started rolling in.

"We quickly reached 100 roses, then 300 roses, then 400," he writes. "When we reached 500 roses I told the flower shop to stop ordering roses and let all the remaining orders go entirely to the Susan G. Komen donation."

A Nebraska-based Husband's Gift That Keeps on Giving

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(Photo by Waldemar Brandt)

Bousquet says over 170 families purchased roses and his gesture ended up raising over $4,500 for breast cancer research.

He says the flower shop had placed all the roses in 36 vases and put them in six wicker baskets so Alissa's friends and family members could deliver them at the hospital.

Alissa's two teenaged daughters and four close friends made the hospital delivery. Once presenting the rose baskets to Alissa, all 36 vases were shared among other cancer patients in the hospital who were also receiving cancer treatments, as a gift.

Bousquet says Alissa kept one large vase of roses that were presented to her just before the load of wicker baskets arrived. "The joy of sharing these roses with the other cancer patients was one of my favourite parts," says the husband. He admits that "many had tears" as other patients read cards, which had also been written.

"Alissa and I are truly blessed to have such amazing support from all of our friends and family," concludes the heartwarming Facebook message.

Roses and remission: a beautiful duo.


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