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How to Be the Boss That Brings Out Their Best
Be the boss that brings out their best

How to Be the Boss That Brings Out Their Best

As a young entrepreneur who is trying to start up a new business, it's clear that you need good workers. But how to motivate your employees to give their best is another story. There has to be a balance found between doing the right thing as a human being, and doing the responsible thing as an entrepreneur who needs their employees to get the job done. There's a lot that you can do to push your employees to work harder, but at the end of the day, it's how your employees respond that will make all the difference.

Try the following techniques to help you bring out the best in your employees without making you look like “the bad guy” (or girl!).

Motivate your employees - Bring out the best in your employees

How to Be the Boss That Brings Out Their Best

That old cliché that “workers are assets” for young entrepreneurs should be tweaked to read “good workers are assets.” Employees do little good for a startup business, after all, if all they do is sit around and collect a paycheck. But those on both sides of the employer-employee equation who expect and nurture a fair, two-way street are the ones who are going to provide the business with the growth and revenue potential it needs. 

These mutually respectful relationships are what will help a startup business move forward and achieve success. So, find good people, surround yourself with them, and make sure to appreciate them and the hard work they put in to your company. Ensure they are respected and well compensated for their efforts. That attitude is likely to get you more of the same effort in the future!

Have a solid vision

You need to have a clear vision of the direction you want to take the company. Have a plan for where you want to be in three months and a year, versus where you want to be in five or ten years. Make this clear to the employees and be sure they understand the vision for the company. If they don’t know what the vision is they can’t ensure they are working toward the same goals.

Offer incentives for exceptionality

It pays to offer additional incentives to employees who are working diligently to help achieve the vision of the company. It not only motivates employees to continue to work hard to continue to achieve that vision, but it also lets them know that the company appreciates their hard work. It shows that you as the employer are willing to give back to those who give to your company. It makes the concept of a “two-way” street a reality. Things like gift cards, cash bonuses, or extra paid vacation days are great motivators to help workers to continue to support your vision into the future.

Work together to lift each other up

Help workers who might be struggling or need some extra guidance. Care about them as workers and as people. Show them the way they should do things. If this means rolling up your sleeves, getting your hands dirty, and helping people understand how it’s done, then get out there and do it! Take interest in the workers, listen to their feedback, make adjustments accordingly, and work with the employees to make the business the best it can be. It’s your money in this, so your interest in it succeeding is high. Appreciate employees who take this same interest and help them be successful!

Build a positive image of your company

If you can’t stand behind the work you're doing 100%, then don’t do it! Simple as that! If you believe fully in what you are doing, and do things with ethics, honor, and integrity, then others will believe in it too. Build your company in such a way that no one can say anything but positive things about it. This is your business and your future, so nurture a positive image of your company to inspire your workers to appreciate it as much as you.

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