When one woman’s boyfriend got salty over her higher pay, the internet put him in his place.

Mutual $upport

It’s always tough to separate matters of money from matters of the heart.

However, one Redditor named ‘u/No_Lingonberry_5061’ tried her best to do just that. In an AITA post, she shared how, in junior college, she and Tim, her boyfriend of 10+ years, were destined to earn different salaries.

After all, she studied in Liberal Arts and worked for non-profits while he pursued the high-tech and high-paying field of I.T.

However, she insisted that event though “he made more [she] always insisted [they] split things evenly to avoid potential resentment down the road.”

Not that it would have been an issue. She says that her boyfriend Tim was “a feminist and has always been supportive of my career.”

Green with envy

Good thing that Tim was so supportive, as his girlfriend unexpectedly parlayed her Liberal Arts and non-profit experience into a high-paying consultancy gig that out-earned him. Despite that, she kept her new earning under wraps, in an effort not to be “braggy about it.”

However, the cat was out of the bag when she and her boyfriend had to provide pay stubs when applying for a new place to live. That’s when Tim discovered that his girlfriend earned 30% more than him.

You’d think that would be reason to pop the champagne. Instead, Tim popped off at her.

He accused her of “cheating the system” since “no English Lit major makes more than a cyber security professional without cheating somehow.”

As time went on, Tim grew even saltier.

He accused her of nepotism in landing her first post-college non-profit job — which boasted a modest $22k/year salary — through a sorority sister. He also dismissed a scholarship she received as a promising female writer as unfair since the prize excluded men.

Things came to a head when Tim accused her of “being a naïve Karen.”

Her story

To the surprise of nobody, Tim’s reaction angered his girlfriend, who says her only advantage was hard work.

“it makes me angry to listen to him ‘joke’ about it, especially since I grew up blue-collar and worked full-time while going to school full-time to afford my degree.”

– Author of Redditor post

Turns out the story didn’t sit well with Redditors either. They had harsh words for Tim and strong advice for the woman.

Another Redditor found Tim’s change of morals amusing.

One Redditor says that, if anything, Tim’s comments reveal more about him.

Support women who thrive

Instead of making salty comments, Tim might want to ask better questions. Questions like “Why do diversity programs exist in the first place?’

If he did so, he would discover that in the United States, women who work full time get paid 82 cents for every dollar earned by men, according to the American Association of University Women.

He’d also be shocked to find that despite leading men in higher education, women hold nearly two-thirds of the outstanding student debt in the United States.

Maybe then would he and those like him truly support the women in their lives .

A great place to start is celebrating when women advance in the workforce.

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