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Bullied Boy Loses Hope After a Priceless Gift From His Grandmother Is Stolen - But His Best Friends Feel Otherwise
Bullied Boy’s Friends Buy Him a New Nintendo 3DS After His Old One Was Stolen
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Bullied Boy Loses Hope After a Priceless Gift From His Grandmother Is Stolen - But His Best Friends Feel Otherwise

A tenth-grader and his friends learn about the power of giving back.

High school can be a tough time full of new and scary situations, not to mention bullies, new responsibilities, and big life decisions.

So it’s no wonder that kids need a break sometimes. For tenth-grader Sean Hawkins, that break came in the form of his Nintendo 3DS. Until one day, someone stole it.

More Than a Toy

boy playing with a nintendo
Photo by Vladimir Srajber

You may wonder why Hawkins would bring such a valuable toy to school, but for him, it was a way to escape the bullies and hard situations between classes. It was also a gift from his grandmother and a key to his future.

“I want to work at Nintendo when I grow up,” he revealed to ABC News.

That is why, one day, when someone stole the console, he was devastated.

“My backpack was too big, so I couldn't put it inside my locker. So I just put it near my locker,” he explained, noting it was gone when he returned from gym class. The kid wrote a note on the school’s community whiteboard, asking for its return. The gaming console never surfaced.

The Kindness of Friends

Hawkins was upset, but there was nothing he could do. His friends Shawna Cantiliano and Piper Stowe felt otherwise. They decided to do something to help their friend, and they began asking other kids and teachers for donations to raise money for a new 3DS.

“He's a sweet kid, and he doesn't do anything wrong to anyone. And it's really bad for him,” Cantiliano said. “I told a couple of people I was raising money, and they were like oh, 'That kid who got his DS stolen, that's funny.' I said, 'That's not funny.'”

Finally, the pair came up with enough cash to buy Hawkins a new system. They presented it to him and captured the emotional moment on camera.

In the video, you can see the pure joy on Hawkins’ face when he realizes what his friends have done for him. He hugs them and kisses them on the cheeks.

“I think we need to learn to appreciate these moments and to do some more,” Stowe later told the publication.

“Sean, I think, found out that people care about and are looking out for him. And for Shawna and Piper, I think the rewards of giving were pretty special as well,” added the school’s principal, Louie Rocha.

Keeping the Faith

It can be hard to have faith in people when you realize they’ve stolen a prized possession, cheated you, or done something to harm you. But then, a story like this comes along, and we’re quickly reminded that good people do still exist in this world. In fact, these teenagers restore our faith in humanity.

It’s a nice reminder of the power of community and friendship and how important it is to treat others with respect.

This story also reminds us why it can feel good to help people to right bad situations and to put some pep back in their steps. That can be through fundraising, sending flowers, or doing something else nice to make that person feel good.

Above all, this story touches on the importance of friendships and having good people in your corner. This kid was bullied and didn’t feel like he had a lot of people he could count on. These two classmates proved that just isn’t true when they gave Sean the power of friendship.  

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