How it inspired waves of kindness.

*Featured image contains photo by kishan Sinchuari

When a child’s Superman themed bike was stolen, a real-life superhero stepped up in a serious way.

In Rockland, Maine, a three-year-old briefly went into a store with his mother, leaving his bicycle unattended outside. While inside, security footage shows an unidentified man riding off cruelly with the child’s bicycle under his arm.

The local police shared the above post to Facebook, where it caught the attention of many. They wrote: “On 03/26/2023, at approximately 5:40 PM, an individual (pictured below) riding a bicycle, stole a 3-year-old’s Spiderman bike, while the child was inside the store with his mother. The stolen bike is red, with Spiderman-themed graphics and training wheels.

Rockland Police would LOVE to help facilitate the safe return of this child’s bike and have a chat with the individual pictured below.”

Though they did not find the man responsible, what happened next will warm your heart.

What One Anonymous Woman Did for a 3-Year-Old Boy

little boy riding a bike
Photo by Yan Krukau

A woman who preferred to stay anonymous saw the post, and drove over two hours to the police station to personally deliver a brand new Spiderman bike, along with a matching helmet and bike lock. The hero wanted nothing in return, but after hearing her story, the police station learned of the woman’s own struggles and shared the following incredible message.

“The woman, who lives all the way in Oxford County, saw our post and felt as if she just had to do something to help. Unfortunately, she was recently forced to choose between making her rent or vehicle payment… Not wanting to default on the car loan, she is now currently unhoused and living out of her vehicle. Her own struggles did not deter the woman however; and she selflessly purchased a new bike, helmet and lock at a local Wal-Mart and made the drive to Rockland.”

Compassion such as this often has a contagious effect, and this woman’s act of kindness is no exception. Her generosity immediately inspired a clerk at the office, who offered to pay for the tolls she incurred on the trip, and her compassion had farther reaching waves as well.

How One Generous Woman Proved the Importance of Selflessness

The police shared that countless others have been reaching out to the station sharing images of bicycles they have purchased with the intention of donating. Some have even shipped bicycles directly to the Rockland Police station for them to distribute to local children.

Law enforcement agencies in the state of Maine are not legally allowed to fundraise in an official capacity, however, they decided to call on their friends at the Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition who stepped in to raise money for the mystery woman after hearing her moving story.

In the end, the local police were able to present a brand new Spiderman bicycle to an overjoyed three-year-old, and inspire a wave of giving throughout their community — all thanks to this anonymous woman. What makes the story so remarkable is the personal struggle this woman acted in the face of.

She asked deliberately to stay anonymous, as well– a selfless move in an era where many are quick to act for recognition. Her actions are inspiring and heartwarming, proof of genuine good-hearted people in the world.