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Has Your Relationship Lost Its Spark? This Challenge Will Rekindle Your Romance
Smiling blindfolded woman smiles as her boyfriend kisses her and takes a selfie

Has Your Relationship Lost Its Spark? This Challenge Will Rekindle Your Romance

Check out the interactive adventure book that will infuse spontaneity and romance into your relationship.

Ahh, new love! Everything your partner does is endearing! Every moment spent together feels magical! While the honeymoon phase is not meant to last forever, relationships do require nurturing. Enter The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition, an interactive adventure book that will bring spontaneity and romance into your relationship. 

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Instead of spending another night watching Netflix on the couch, grab the book and randomly select one of 50 mystery dates. They are mystery dates because you don’t know where a challenge will take you until you scratch it off the book, just like a lottery ticket. And once it’s scratched off, you have to go on the date and do the activities involved. 

What Is The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition - And What Are Its Benefits?

woman wearing a blue ring writing in the Adventure Challenge Couples Edition book

Research shows that participating in new and exciting activities as a couple enhances the quality of your relationship. The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition takes the guesswork out of doing that and keeps you on your toes with dates that you may have never thought about yourself. 

Just like its name implies, the book challenges you out of your comfort zone as a duo, which not only helps you form lifelong memories, but also helps you bond and get to know each other on a deeper level. And let's not forget that having fun will keep the spark of your relationship alive – or even rekindle a romance that has felt a little stale.

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“This book brought so much fun and energy to our relationship. If you are looking for fun and out-of-the-box dates, this is the book for you! We laughed a whole lot during the process and were surprised by how connected we felt after doing the dates,” wrote one reviewer. 

“Every date is a surprise and totally shakes things up. I ask my husband to do these dates every chance I get and it’s a no brainer because he loves them too! We got this as an anniversary gift and I highly recommend it for every married couple to add some spontaneity and excitement into your dates!” added another customer. 

How the Adventure Challenge Couples Edition Works

Couple cuddling on a rope bridge looking at a snowy mountain range
Photo by Daniel J. Schwarz on Unsplash

From recreating your parents’ first date to baking an apple pie blindfolded, the challenges are budget-friendly and range between $0 to $50. 

There is a list of hints next to each scratch-off square to help you prepare for your adventure. For example, if you have children, you’ll know if a date requires a babysitter. You’ll also get a heads-up about what to wear, as hints divulge whether a challenge is outdoors, indoors, or bound to get a little messy. 

Each challenge features a scratch-off square, a journaling section, and a section to add a picture to immortalize a moment from your date (you can buy The Adventure Challenge polaroid camera as an add-on). If you add pictures and notes, you’ll end up with a scrapbook full of wonderful experiences to look back on. 

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