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C.T. Fletcher: Achieve the Impossible
C.T. Fletcher - Motivational speech on willpower
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C.T. Fletcher: Achieve the Impossible

C.T. Fletcher - Remember Who You Are

C.T. Fletcher gives a motivational speech about using willpower to achieve the impossible, and urges us to always give everything we have to give.


"35 years of lifting weights and open heart surgery. Dying three times on the operating table. CT. So, you should sit down, sir, because of your diagnosis and don't do a damn thing. Bullshit. Hell, no.

"Every time I go to the doctor, they tell me what I shouldn't be doing. And what I should be doing. And what I won't do. And what I can't do. And after that, I go out the door and do whatever the fuck I want to do. And, I'm gonna do that until they throw dirt on top of me. This is my life. And I choose to live it the way I want to.

"It's impossible. I've heard that so many times. It's just impossible. It can't be done. It is impossible until some crazy son-of-a-bitch has the audacity to believe that no matter what the expert or the doctor says, I can still do that shit. Will is the key. Will. Willpower. Any time that you give your best effort, that you give everything that you possible can give, there is satisfaction in knowing that I did my absolute best. I did all I could do. There's victory in that. There is satisfaction. Remember what you are. Remember what you are. Remember who the fuck you are. All right. I'm through."

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