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Cardi B Celebrates Career High with Emotional Video Post, Inspires Us with Her Deep Sense of Gratitude
Rapper Cardi B

Cardi B Celebrates Career High with Emotional Video Post, Inspires Us with Her Deep Sense of Gratitude

Rapper Cardi B took to Twitter to celebrate her most recent milestone: having two songs at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 chart.


The singer recorded an excited message for her fans, thanking them over and over again for making the achievements possible and inspiring us with her humble and grateful attitude.

Always one to give credit to her fans, Cardi B also made sure to express her gratitude towards God. The devout Catholic has always been open about her strong faith. For her, success is more than hard work and a loyal fan base -- it's a blessing.

“If I was to see Jesus Christ in my dreams today, I would kiss his feet. Like I really want to give, I wish I could give God a hug.” she wrote. “I’m just going to hug myself and maybe send that hugging to God.

Whether you're religious or not, the inspiring lesson to retain is that no matter how successful you get, it's so important to focus on remaining grateful and counting your blessings because nothing in life should be taken for granted.

The "Bodak Yellow" singer was over the moon when she found out her Bad Bunny and J Balvin collaboration "I Like It" hit number 3. Not only did she score a coveted Top 3 position with"I Like It," but she also saw her new single with Maroon 5 "Girls Like You" shoot up to number 4 following the hit’s viral music video.


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