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Cardi B Plays Surprise Show for Senior Citizens, Teaches Us a Powerful Lesson in Authenticity and Compassion
Cardi B performs for seniors

Cardi B Plays Surprise Show for Senior Citizens, Teaches Us a Powerful Lesson in Authenticity and Compassion

We know Cardi B for her energy and tons of talent, but she tends to appeal to a pretty young audience. Recently, she showed she wasn't afraid though to broaden her horizons and try something new.

It all started (of course) with a game of Carpool Karaoke. On The Late Late Show with James Corden, Corden shook things up by bringing Cardi B, to a senior center, where people had never heard of her, and yet fell in love with her anyway!

“What’s the oldest audience you think you’ve ever played to?” Corden asked her as they they drove in the car.

“I don’t think I have,” Cardi replied.

“You don’t think that’s a market that has got into Cardi B yet?” he pressed.

“I mean, where can I perform for older people?” Cardi said.

Eventually, they are arrived at the Culver City Senior Center, and the hilarious duo crashed an afternoon dance class.

“I’m so sorry to hijack your class, but we wanted to come, we thought we wanted to try and mix things up a bit,” Corden said. “Cardi B, biggest-selling female artist in the world.”

Some people applauded, but many were not that impressed. They didn't know who she was! In fact, one man stepped out to make a phone call to his repairman.

Cardi began performing her track “I Like It,” and the crowd quickly got int the performance.

In fact, one man was so excited, he decided to make a move on the rapper. An elderly man named Gunter started dancing alongside Cardi. “I’m pleased to meet you!” he said, gripping her arms as they swayed. “I’m very pleased to meet you. Are you looking for a significant other? Are you available?” he asked.

Cardi, who recently split from ex husband Offset, answered, “Sure.”

Cardi even shared workout tips with the crowd, sharing that dancing like that had helped her lose her baby weight.

All in all, it was a successful afternoon enjoyed by all. And it was all because she tried something new and showed a wonderfully compassionate side that blew her audience away.

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