The Biggest Loser host and celebrity fitness trainer Bob Harper is no stranger to big reveals and dramatic television moments.bob-harper-surprise-man-saved-him

But on a recent Dr. Oz episode, the fitness guru had a surprise of his own: Meeting the man who helped save his life during a massive heart attack.

The hero stranger, who performed CPR on Harper when he collapsed while working out at a gym, was tracked down by the Dr. Oz team.

I believe in the power of human spirit.

— Bob Harper

That stranger turned out to be a med student named Philip, who up until that point had never even performed CPR. He had trained on CPR dummies, but never on an actual person, let alone one who was dying in front of his eyes.

“I was feeling for your pulses, which were weak, and then they stopped. And then all of a sudden— do you want to hear it? All of a sudden you turned blue. Like actually blue,” Philip told a speechless Harper.

Realizing the severity of the situation, Philip immediately began CPR. Thanks to his efforts, and those around him, Harper survived until emergency services took over. The celebrity trainer spent two days in the hospital completely unconscious after the incident.

More than a year later, the near-miss is still affecting Harper. Overcome with emotion, the 52-year-old was visibly shaken by Philip’s recounting of the incident. What makes the story even more impressive is that the day of Harper’s heart attack was the first time Philip had gone to that gym.

I don’t feel like I need to be in control as much as I thought I needed to in the past.

— Bob Harper

Known for his hardcore approach to fitness and life, Harper is now enjoying a slower pace of living.

According to Men’s Health, the trainer has brought down the intensity of his workouts, switched to the Mediterranean diet and brought more peace into his life. “I’m more relaxed. I’m a lot easier to be around, I hope. I’ve always been a very type A person and now I’ve let loose the reins,” he said.