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After the Backlash: What Happened to Chris Pratts Relationship With Son Jack After Shocking Post?
Anna Faris and Chris Pratt

After the Backlash: What Happened to Chris Pratts Relationship With Son Jack After Shocking Post?

After being called out by fans, Chris Pratt proves that his love for his children is not divided.

Actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris welcomed their first and only son, Jack Pratt, to their family 10 years ago. But it wasn't all celebratory. Jack was born with numerous medical issues that the couple would spend years navigating.

In 2017, after being married for eight years, Pratt and Faris ended their romantic relationship. However, they have managed to maintain a close bond as co-parents, making a commitment to live within a five-mile radius of each other for the sake of their son, Jack.

What Condition Does Chris Pratt's Son Have?

Anna Faris holding her and Chris Pratt's son when he was a baby.

Jack Pratt was born premature. He arrived on August 17, 2012, seven weeks ahead of his expected due date. Weighing just 3 lbs., 10 oz. at birth, he was briefly held by his parents before being transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where he spent a month receiving specialized care.

"The pediatric neurosurgeon sat Chris and me down to tell us that Jack had some severe brain bleeding and there was a chance that he could be developmentally disabled."
Anna Faris in her memoir, Unqualified

Over the following years, the actors lives revolved around doctor's appointments, five surgeries, and physical therapy sessions for Jack. It’s been a terrifying journey, but despite the challenges, there was also an abundance of joy and laughter. Anna Faris affectionately described Jack as the most adorable and cutest thing she could have ever imagined.

Faris “Couldn’t Stop Searching for Answers” After Jack’s Premature Birth

In the meantime, Chris Pratt’s son has blossomed into an extraordinary child with a remarkable sense of humor, displaying wisdom beyond his tender age–as acknowledged by his adoring parents.

However, during a virtual GAPPS event in 2021, Faris shared her experience of grappling with unanswered questions following the premature birth of Jack. The actress revealed that she found herself continually seeking the "why" behind the situation, engaging in conversations with her doctor to explore every potential reason for her son's early arrival, yet struggling to find a definitive answer.

Chris Pratt’s Relationship With Son Jack Pratt After “Healthy Daughter” Controversy

Chris Pratt's son, Jack Pratt, holding a microphone while sitting on the couch.

Jack Pratt is now a healthy little boy and his parents have reached solid ground as ex partners. But despite their efforts to maintain a harmonious co-parenting relationship, they have not been immune to occasional episodes of drama along the way.

In November 2021, Pratt expressed gratitude to Katherine Schwarzenegger, his current wife, and one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's children, in an Instagram tribute. The actor acknowledged her role in bringing his “gorgeous and healthy daughter” into the world. However, some fans interpreted this message as a slight towards Faris.

Pratt addressed the controversy, describing it as "f–ked up," during an interview with Men’s Health, saying “[Ignoring Twitter comments] a lesson I’ve learned. It’s not a lesson that my son has learned yet. … My son’s gonna read that one day,” he said. “He’s nine. And it’s etched in digital stone. It really f–king bothered me, dude. I cried about it.”

Chris Pratt and Anna Farris Move Past the Ugly Backlash

Chris Pratt and son Jack showing off the fish they caught.

Luckily, the co-parents seem to have left the social media scandal in the past and moved on with their lives. The relationship between Pratt and Jack is nothing short of extraordinary, evident in the genuine affection the actor expresses for his son and the undeniable sense of comfort and joy Jack feels in his father's presence.

To celebrate Jack's 10th birthday, Pratt took to Instagram and shared the most adorable tribute: The actor captioned “Happy Birthday to my first born, my smart, handsome, kind hearted, big boy Jack! TEN!!?? WHAAAT!? Double digits!! Hard to believe it’s already been ten years!! You’re the best son, big brother, fisherman, scout, reader, mathematician, imagineer, builder, boxer and buddy a guy could ask for. Love you kid!”

Father-Son Bonding Between Chris and Jack Pratt

Chris Pratt and wife posing beside a picture of son Jack.
@prattprattprat/Instagram | @prattprattprat/Instagram

Chris and Jack Pratt share numerous fun-filled adventures, and one of their favorite pastimes is fishing. In June 2023, they eagerly grabbed their fishing gear and set off to the nearest lake. Excited about their expedition, the Jurassic World star proudly displayed the impressive fish they both caught, capturing the memorable moments in photographs shared on Instagram.

Jack also happens to be Chriss Pratt's most significant and sincere critic. The proud father revealed that his film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, has earned the seal of approval from his most important audience member:

"He's a tough critic. He's not just effusive because dad's in a movie. If he doesn't like it, he'll tell me. This one he loved."
Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is a true family guy and he proves it every time he brings his family together. As a result, Jack excels in his role as a loving big brother to Lyla and Eloise, the actor’s daughters with Katherine Schwarzenegger. Last Christmas, the actor took to Instagram to share a delightful snapshot of his 10-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter, Lyla, bonding over a playful search for their Elf on the Shelf. In the rare photo, Jack spotted the holiday dolls hidden in a houseplant while Lyla stood beside him in a cute floral dress.

Jack Loves Visiting His Parents on Set

Chris Pratt with wife Katherine Katherine Schwarzenegger and daughter Lyla.
@prattprattpratt/Instagram| Chris Pratt with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger and daughter Lyla.

Jack Pratt is well acquainted with the world of film sets, as his father shared with Entertainment Tonight during their time on The Tomorrow War set in Iceland. According to Pratt, Jack has had ample experience on various sets and has become quite adept at navigating them.

During his visit to Iceland, Jack even got the opportunity to join in on the action. They had him strapped into a harness, flying around the set, and engaging in battles with aliens while shooting lasers from his hand. The boy genuinely enjoyed his time on set and loves being a part of the filmmaking process.

Pratt Says Jack Is “More Important to Me Than Air or Water”

During his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in April 2017, Pratt delivered a heartfelt speech that expressed his deep love and gratitude towards Faris. He acknowledged her as the giver of so much, especially their greatest treasure, their son. Pratt emotionally declared his love for both of them, emphasizing the incredible bond they share, "We have bonded to make this molecule that is more important to me than air or water, and without it none of this means anything to me."

In an interview with Peopleafter the ceremony, Pratt revealed how he prepared Jack for the event. He emphasized the significance of setting a positive example by smiling, being gracious, and ensuring their appearance was tidy. As expected, Jack charmed everyone with his adorable poses.

Despite concerns from some fans about potential favoritism towards his daughter, it's evident that Chris Pratt's love for his children is not divided. Jack holds a special place in Pratt's heart, and he remains a top priority for the actor, irrespective of his relationship with his ex-wife, Anna Faris. The father-son bond between them is undeniably strong and continues to strengthen with each passing day.


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