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78-Year-Old Forced to Sleep Outside After Her Son-In-Law Evicts Her From Her Own Home - Her Furious Neighbors Have Had Enough
Community Rallies Around Elderly Woman After Her Son-In-Law Evicts Her From Her Home
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78-Year-Old Forced to Sleep Outside After Her Son-In-Law Evicts Her From Her Own Home - Her Furious Neighbors Have Had Enough

A Colombian womans tragedies become a rallying cry for neighbors.

There are all kinds of injustices in this world, and many of them can be brought on by a court decision or a person in a position of authority. Often, that makes an unfair situation even more infuriating.

But in the case of this Colombian woman being evicted from her home, it also inspired an entire community to rally around her.

A Devastating Turn of Events

elderly woman and the porch of a house

A 78-year-old woman in Villas de Navarra, Colombia, began living in the streets last November after her ex-son-in-law had her evicted. It was a tragic turn of events for Nelly Marín de Álvarez, who had for the longest time dedicated herself to taking care of her grandson and paying the taxes on the house, according to TN International.

You see, the woman’s daughter had died in a car accident, and her son-in-law decided he no longer wanted her in the home. So he went to the court, and they agreed. The eviction notice was served while Álvarez was out, and officials put a padlock on her door. She wasn’t allowed to collect her personal belongings, and since then, she has been wearing the clothes she had on that day.

“Since she was not there at the time they came, they put the padlock and left her outside. They did not notify her of anything, she arrived, and the padlock was on,” one neighbor explained to the publication.

An Upset Community

Considering the woman had lived in that house for years, paid the taxes, and raised her grandson (who now resides in the U.S.), neighbors everywhere were furious when they found out what had happened to Álvarez. Since that day, she’s been sleeping at the entrance of her home, her health has deteriorated, and you can see the sadness on her face, neighbors have reported.

Now, they’re rallying together and trying to get answers. People are helping her with food and clothing where possible. Some have enlisted the help of a defense attorney. They have placed flags and banners outside her home to raise awareness. And everyone is waiting to see whether they can get clarification on who actually owns the property. And if not? Well, some neighbors say they’re not above using force to enter the home and retrieve the woman’s property.

"As soon as we saw that she was there, we offered her lodging, even food, clothing, and what is necessary so that she can bathe and wash her clothes,” another neighbor added to Nación. “I do not know the reasons that the judge had to decide she had to sleep outside.”  

Speaking Out Against Injustice

While we’re still waiting to hear the results of the community’s efforts to help Álvarez, this story is a great reminder that when you see something that you know isn’t right, it’s important to speak out and help.

Standing up for what you believe, identifying behaviors that aren’t okay, setting limits, and being an ally are all great ways to speak out against injustice and help others who sometimes need their voices amplified.

It’s always more important to speak out for what is right than to worry about how others perceive you, as that’s when true change happens.

Because at the end of the day, it’s only when we work together that we can make the world a better place.

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